Annual Maulud Procession (Zaria)

Today the 29th January 2013 this is equivalent to 18th Rabi’ul Awwal 1434. The annual maulud procession took place in Zaria, Nigeria. The procession starts from a place called ‘Kofan Kuyanbana’ and ends at Hussainiyyah Baqiyatullah.

After some series of demonstration distributed by different tribes to illustrate unity and love to prophet Mal. Abdul-Hamid Bello introduced Sayyeed Zakzaky to the podium.



Sheikh Zakzaky said in his speech said that the prophet was born in the year of elephant and after 40 years from that year the prophet was assigned as a messenger of Allah from that time. All the prophets or the messengers that were been sent by Allah, their message is usually restricted to some group of people but prophet Muhammad (S.W) was not restricted to any limit but he was sent to the whole world. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet that is why ‘Imamah’ was introduced only during his time because other prophets usually after they died another prophet will appear to reform what has been changed from the former prophet’s teaching.

The miracle of Prophet Muhammad is knowledge that is why it will never be outdated and knowledge will continue to be the best thing human being can be proud of while other prophets miracle normally is restricted to their era for example prophet Musa’s miracle was his stick that can turn into a snake and this is because people in his era respect shamans, Prophet Isah’s miracle was medicine not just that cure any kind of illness but he can even bring back life to the death and also people in his society at that time respect medical practitioners while during the time of prophet Muhammad they respect people that have logic and the miracle of prophet Muhammad was the Quran that consist of logic according to the Arabs and then consist knowledge. This miracle will never be outdated. Whether you like it or not the prophet “light up the world” that is to say he civilized or modernized the world. This Quran is the main source of knowledge. For example the study of   Embryology was in the Quran 1000 years back before it was discovered. Another example is Algebraic Equation was gotten from the student of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq, also the study of chemistry and physics also have their foundation from Imam Ja’afar that shows that the main source of knowledge is from Islam.

 Rabi’ul awwal consist of lot aspects to be celebrated for. For example the prophet was born in Rabi’ul Awwal, Hijrah (Migration) started in Rabi’ul Awwal, and also imam Ja’afar Al-Sadiq was born in this month and on the 1st Rabi’ul awwal Imam Ali sacrificed his self for the life of the prophet by sleeping in the prophet’s bed so as to be killed instead of the prophet but fortunately there were not able to kill neither the prophet nor Imam Ali.

Finally sheikh Zakzaky praised those that participated in the procession. He said this is a way to illustrate the love of the prophet from us. A funeral prayer was performed for some members of the Islamic movement, Mal. Usman Garba and Mal. Yusuf Bello that died in a car accident on their way to Zaria from Gumel yesterday evening 28th of January after that the closing prayer was held by sheikh Zakzaky and that brings an end to the procession.