4th Day of the Annual Unity Week (Night Session)

The second lecture on day 4 of the Unity week programme was on the Necessity of Protecting the Honour of the Prophet delivered by Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Shuaibu from Niamey Niger republic.

He started his lecture by explaining the necessity of protecting the Honour of the Best of Creatures. He said protecting him does not only involves protecting him against swords, as shown by Imam Ali(AS) or against  arrows as displayed Nusaiba(RA); it also involves protecting the Prophet against dishonor, desecration and insult by the enemies of Islam which is currently happenings.

 He added that the ongoing insults by the enemies in the US and West in the name of Freedom of Speech called for serious concerns and actions. Similar insults had happened during the time of the holy Prophet by enemies such as Abu Jahal and the Jews. It continued up to this time when in 1989  one Salam Rushdie published his satanic verses which sparked worldwide protests by the Muslims until when Imam Khomeini protected the honour of the prophet by giving death verdicts against Rushdie and his supporters. After the verdict Rushdie lives a harsh life onwards. Another Danish paper few years ago published a cartoon which insulted the holy prophet (S.W) in addition to a film released called Fitnah by one Danish who is also a member of Danish parliament.

He added that all this insults required Muslims to take action in order to protect the holy Prophet (S.W) as the enmity they concealed in their hearts is much greater.