4th Day of the Annual Unity Week

Today 27/01/2013 is the fourth (4) day of the unity week.
Today's topic is: the importance of the love of the progeny of the holy prophet Muhammad(SAWA)
Before the commencement of the event there were various poems presented which all praises to the holy prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and to sayyeed Zakzaky (H). The lecture was presented by Sheikh Hassan Saleh Abdullahi he was born in Makurdi, He studied at Minna College of arts and studies, and he is currently working at college of Arabic studies. The event started with a brief introduction by Mallam Adamu Tsoho.
Sheikh Hassan Saleh started by praying and thanking Allah (SWT) for bringing us together in such a blessful gathering.
He said that this kind of gathering is a very important gathering, he also said that in any gathering that involves the talking about the prophet and his progeny, knowing who they are, loving them you will not have problem with crossing through "sirad" by the grace of Allah. He said that the holy prophet told his companions that he will two things for them, which are: Al-Quran and his Progeny. He also quotes a verse from the holy Quran which proves who the Ahlul bayt are. He added that the Ahlul bayt are the ones upon which Islam is built, he mentioned that the Ahlul bayt are those mentioned by prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.A.), He added that Ummu-Salman(the wife of the prophet) saw the prophet (S.W) praying for his Ahlul bait and try to join them but the prophet (S.W) told her to remain where she was that she also have her own blessings. Even if you love the prophet (S.W) without loving his progeny your love for prophet is null.
He further quotes Imam shafi'i speech telling his people about the position of the Ahlul bait. his people accused him of been a Shiite, but he said to them if loving the progeny of the holy prophet is a crime he then told them he had no problem with that. He also quoted a verse that clearly state who the progeny of the prophet (S.A.W.A) were, he added that had it been they can remove the verse from the holy Quran they would have done so. The prophet's progeny are pure in the sight of Allah SWT because they have never done wrong i.e. they are infallible. A group of people ask the holy prophet that in the absence of the holy prophet who will lead the people, he said Imam Ali is my waly.
The reason why the prophet said that the he and his progeny do not collect arms (sadaqa in Arabic) because arms is
1. Dirt from your property
2. Arms is for the weak people
3. Arms is for those that are not able
They only collect Hadaya, this is because of the rewards in it, stressing that even if the whole world will give hadaya in the recent time the reward will not be as much as the reward of a single person that give hadaya to the progeny of the holy prophet. He said in his speech that the holy prophet said that that if anybody hurts his daughter sayyeedah Fatima (AS) is like he hurts prophet. Whenever Sayyeedah Fatimah is coming and the prophet sees her coming he approaches her before she gets to him.
He added that shehu tijjani doesn’t do anything anyway to do anything that will offend the progeny of the holy prophet, he also respect them so much.
He added that sayyeed Zakzaky (H) is present but he is not the one that is spiritually. That he is waly of Allah, he also added whatever he told the gathering about the Ahlul bait we should agree and not doubt it.
The real love of the holy prophet is not just the love of the prophet but the love for the Ahlul bait.
He added that it is for the love of the Ahlul bait that the whole world still leave and even the non believers. Those that do not love the progeny of the holy prophet are ignorant and have a great loss in this life and the hereafter. He added that Imam shai'i said that you shouldn’t take yourself to be better than or even close to the progeny of the holy progeny. Imam shafi’i said that there is no other mu’meen than the lovers of the progeny of the holy prophet.
Sayyeed Zakzaky (H) added to what sheihk Abdullahi said as requested, he said that sheikh Abdullah talk about so many aspect of the importance of the Ahlul bait. It is a great surprise that this school of taught called sunnah have so many acceptance even though they are well known enemy of Ahlul bait this is a big calamity.
He added that the love of the progeny of the holy prophet is mentioned in the Qur'an.
he said added that a real friend is one who is happy while you are happy and grieved when you are grieve. Some sect believes and teaches that the love of Ahlul bait should not be shown, that it should only be within the heart.
He finally concluded that the love of Ahlul bait is not just love from the mouth but from the heart.