3rd Day Of The 10th Annual Unity Week (13th Rabi'ul Awwal) 25th January 2013

Today Saturday 26-01-2013, equivalent to 14-03-1434 (H) is the third day of the 10th annual unity week, held at Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria Kaduna State.

The topic titled the lessons from the Islamic awakning.

By sheikh Miqdad Sulaiman who is the chief imam of Assadiq mosque (Alagomeji) lagos state Nigeria and also the founder of Alwahyu Islamic foundation, Chaired by mal mukhtar sahabi

After Introduction, He praises Allah (S.W.T) for giving us the chance to follow Ahlul bait as our guardians to Allah may peace of Allah be upon his Noble Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.W).

He mentioned some steps necessary for a successful revolution to take place. He named Imam Khomeini as a good example of a revolutionary who led people from different tribes and different understandings to a successful an exemplary revolution. With the true revolution of Imam Khomeini the teachings of Ahlul bait have spread in the Arab countries and the world in general.

After Sheikh Miqdad’s speech Mal. Mukhtar Sahabi summarized his speech I Hausa language and after that Sheikh Zakzaky commented on the topic. This recent Islamic awakening that we are experiencing is as a result of the Islamic revolution that took place in Iran about 30 years back said Sheikh Zakzaky. The western world use many ways to see that the revolution was not successful, even after the revolution they continued to black sheep the revolution and the country Iran, they refer to them as “Shi’as” with time people know about it, they also tried to associate terrorism with Islam. They used the term terrorism as weapon against Islam and Iran in particular which was a great mistake.

This present Islamic awakening was all because the oppression has riches its limit so that results to the Tunis revolution and unexpectedly Egyptians where the next to awaken. West try by all means to see that they continue to rule people the way they want. While they keep on trying to stop such Islamic awakenings from happening more people continue to raise.