Second Day Of The 10th Annual Unity Week (13th Rabi'ul Awwal) 25th January 2013

The event was chaired by Malama Aisha Abdulrahman who presented Malama Maimuna Hussein replacing Hajiya Bilkisu who could not make it due to certain reasons. She presented a lecture on the conspiracies of Zionists on Islam today, she started her lecture by speaking about explaining certain methods Zionists follow in order to create a bad image of Islam and also create differences between Muslims, such as a concept she mentioned quote “divide and rule”
She explained how they are giving Islam bad images and names calling it terrorism. She also mentioned that they introduced the community to drugs so that people will not use their selves positively; they know that it is only Islam that can unite the larger populace that is why they work very hard on corrupting the Muslim ummah.
They control the media so they can tell the people what they want them to hear. One of their conspiracies is also to make sure that no other country possesses weapons, but theirs.
The Zionists do not have any agenda other than seeing Muslims fighting among themselves. They use musicians as roles models just to corrupt the populace.
She concluded that no matter what the Zionists will do, almighty Allah have promise to protect his deen (religion).
Sayyeed Zakzaky added to what Malama Maimuna said, He further explained that Jews are not all American as so many people think, sayyeed explained how the Jews came to existence, he relates it to the history of prophet Yusuf (AS)He further explained the era of the Pharaoh and Prophet Musa.
They were honored by Allah but they in return decided not to be obedient,
Their attitude towards the prophets sent to them was brutal they even tried to kill prophet Isah (AS).
The religion of Judaism and Christianity was distorted. They know the truth but they try by all means to deny and go against the truth.
The Jews thought that the last prophet would be amongst them, when they saw that is was not from them they decided to conquer the world by all means.
They even formed alliance with others to defeat the holy prophet (SAWA)
Since they know they do not have religion they try all their best to see that any where they go they blend with any community they find themselves.
Even though they know that certain things such as drinking, and giving loan with interest is prohibited in their book i.e. torah, they still go ahead and commit those crimes.
The main reason why people think that they are blessed is because they do not care about the way they get their wealth, either it is bad or otherwise. They use other people's properties to build their wealth, in their books they make sure that they remove hereafter from their religion; they are mostly concerned with the world.
They introduced what is called Zionism, the Zionism is not believed by all the Jews, some people believe that the Israelites are the good ones while the Arabs are the bad ones.
They in most cases join cultism in Oder to achieve fame and wealth.
Most government officials go to Israel to learn different things such as farming, and other things.
They Israel do not always pursue their aims directly; they sometimes use other people to achieve their aims. Some officials join the evil groups/cultism to achieve their wicked plans. If one of theirs dies they keep blaming Allah (SWT) for their loss, they want to live a thousand years which is impossible.
Sayyeed Zakzaky (H) concluded with mentioning that they use different tactics to conquer Islam as a religion and that they are not just agents of Satan, they are equally Satan.