Second Day Of The 10th Annual Unity Week (13th Rabi'ul Awwal) 25th January 2013

The night session started with an introduction to the speaker by Mal. Sunusi as it is in the time table sayyeed Abu-Bakr Shibli was to talk about the topic ‘Zuhur (appearance) of Imam Mahdi (A.S)’ .
In Sayyid Abubakar  Shibli’s speech he said that the religion that our prophet brought to us is the religion that consist of Qur’an and Itrah (The imamates ) not Qur’an and hadith. He also talked about how the teachings of Ahlul Bait spread in Nigeria was different compared to other countries In terms of the rate of Tashaiyu’(converting to shi’a) due to the fact that in less than 40 years over a million people in Nigeria are  now following the teachings of Ahlul bait. He also pointed that if we review our culture we will find out that the message of the prophet is something that have to do with every aspect of our lives.
 Imam mahdy have been deep in our culture but we do not know who exactly is he but as a result of the struggles of Sayyid Zakzaky we were able to Imam Mahdi (A.S) said Sayyeed Shibli.  Sayyeed Shibli goes into his topic where he said that one of the reasons that delayed the arrival of Imam Mahdy (A.S) was that there is still a shortage of those that will be the ones protect, fight and serve him.
We should know who imam is and we should let others know him because in the Day of Judgment, everybody will be summoned with his imam so it is compulsory for us to know who the imam of our era is, also we should note that it is impossible for a Mushrik to be an Imam he said. Again we are supposed to prepare people that will serve Imam. Even if we died before Imam Mahdi arrived we still have the chance come back after he did. It is our responsibility to keep on praying to Allah for Imam’s Appearance.
Sayyeed Shibli said if we call anybody for unity we do not mean you should drop your Understanding, ideas or madh-hab, we don’t even need to need ask you to change but with time you will not even realize the time that you have changed.
Death is the most unwanted to human being but we illustrate Islam as a tree that needs blood grow instead of water to grow that’s why imam Hussain (A.S) sacrificed his blood for the sake of Allah. We are just afraid of the consequences that we will face if we object our oppressors but today the kind of oppression we are facing cannot be dealt except if we sacrificed just like imam Hussain deed, at this moment we have no solution but to follow the teachings of imam Hussain the more we continue to be afraid of the consequences worse the oppression so we should know that whenever we start struggling is either we succeed or we become martyrs.
He finally concluded that one of the important signs of the arrival of imam Mahdi is that the world will be filled with injustice.
After Sayyeed Shibli’s speech as usual Sayyeed Zakzaky talked about the topic that was given to him. Sayyeed Zakzaky started by saying talking about the appearance imam Mahdi is something well known to all religion including the Jews and the Christians that a savior will come to establish justice but let’s consider who Imam Mahdi is, it is been agreed between both Shi’a and sunnah that imam Mahdi (A.S) will succeed in establishing Islam to the whole world. Imam Mahdi will appear when the world is filled with injustice
Sayyeed Zakzaky talked about the signs of imam Mahdi’s appearance were he said presently we are been oppressed to the extent that we are left with nothing in this country (Nigeria), this is a sign to show that imam Mahdi (A.S) is about to appear. Also another important sign is that the most invaluable people will become leaders. One of the sign of imam is that he will unite everybody, the Shi’a and Sunnis, Muslims and other religions. Now the oppression of the oppressors has riches its peak and this will lead to their end which is also another sign of imam Mahdi (A.S) Appearance.
Sayyeed Zakzaky concluded with saying that we do not need anybody to drop his ideas in this unity week, also. he said the best thing we can do now is to wait for the appearance of imam Mahdi but we should not wait without preparation in short the meaning of waiting here is preparing, this preparation is in fact the struggle.
The closing prayer was held by Sayyeed Zakzaky and that was the end of the night session.