1st Day of the Annual Unity Week (Night session)

The night session of the program started at 9:00pm, this session was chaired by Mallam Abdulhamid Bello, he presented the first lecturer Prof. Ezo Abdulfatah Chlemedlzle who presented a speech on the topic “Islam in Southern Nigeria “He explained the Islam in different parts of the Southern Nigeria and even made an example of the similarities between all and mentioned that the difference is only that of language. He concluded his speech by saying some compliments to Sayyid Zakzaky (H).
The second speaker was Mallam Miftahu Zakari from Ibadan who represented Sheikh Abdulqadeer Ibadan who was not able to attend the program due to some problems.
Mal. Miftahu Zakari started by mentioning that he is representing the south western part o Nigeria whom are mostly Yoruba and spoke of their origin and how they embraced Islam and also how the Muslim population developed over the years amongst the Yoruba
Sheikh Zakzaky made a brief comment on their topic and related to the speech of Prof. Ezo Abdulfatah and also mentioned that someday unity would be established between the Muslims from the North and South of the country
Sayyid Zakzaky (H) recited Du’a Kumail followed by closing prayer