Nigerian Government Manufacturing Evidences To Justify The Zaria Massacre

By Harun Elbinawi

Today (10/02/2016) the 200+ members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria ( IMN ) that are languishing in the Kaduna central Prison for the past 2 months were "taken" to court. They were "taken" to court because it was the court that was brought to them in the prison! The Nigerian authorities cited this for security reasons.

The trump - up charges fabricated by the tyrannical Nigerian regime were read against them, they pleaded not guilty & the case was adjourned to 29/02/2016. Four (4) were granted bail on medical grounds while the rest were remanded in prison custody.

But the most surprising among the charges was that the Nigerian authorities claimed that weapons were recovered from the members of IMN. But the weapons were not presented in court today as they claimed the weapons are in Lagos!!!!????

These people killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Nigerians, they buried their dead bodies in mass graves to bury the evidences, they destroyed the Zaria Husseiniyya partly to bury the evidences of them using bombs against Nigerian civilians.

To your own understanding what do you think will be the next move of these wicked oppressors?

Plant weapons & ammunition to prove that it was a clash & not a brutal massacre by the Nigerian Army against defenseless Nigerians. "And in the ensuring clash the Nigerian Army killed 1000+ Shia Muslims & captured 200+, the Nigerian Army personnels were so brave that none of them were either killed or injured."

But 1000+ corpses will be a huge embrassment to the Nigerian government & that was why the Nigerian Army Chief Buratai told the National Human Rights Commission ( NHRC ) that "only 7 Shiites were killed & 10 injured". But it is a fact that a single family lost 7 members in the Zaria massacre.

These wicked & evil people can go to any length to manufacture evidences to prove that what they did was right & within the boundaries of the laws of the land. This is the mark of shameless war criminals through out history.

Ask them these questions:

(1)-Why did the Nigerian Army not parade these weapons since & why are they bringing them now? We all know the procedure of the Nigerian security agencies, whenever they finish an operation they parade the weapons seized & those they captured. It stands to reason that manufacturing the weapons evidence was an after thought to justify the brutal massacre.

(2)-It was almost 2 months to the brutal Zaria massacre, why are the "weapons" not in court today? What took them to Lagos & why the long period of time to bring them to Kaduna?

(3)-If the members of IMN have weapons as claimed by the Nigerian Army, why is it that no single soldier was killed or injured? Are the "weapons" captured by the Nigerian Army discharging stones instead of bullets?

(4)-Illeterate & rag-tagged armed #BokoHaram thugs had killed thousands of Nigerian security forces, Illeterate armed cattle rustlers had killed Hundreds of Nigerian security forces but highly educated "armed" IMN members could not even injure a single Nigerian Army personnel!

The fourth question is the scenario that the Nigerian authorities want Nigerians to believe. Among members of IMN that were killed by the Nigerian Army in the Zaria massacre there are Medical Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, University Lecturers, Polytechnic Lecturers, Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen, University & Polytechnic students, Journalists, Nurses, High school students, house wives etc.

It is important to note that the IMN have by far more professionals & highly skilled manpower than all the Nigerian security forces combined. But 1000+ of them were brutally murdered by an Army that was suppose to protect them just to satisfy a foreign imperialist agenda that will never benefit Nigeria.