Mu'assatu Abu Fadl Abbas Staged a Free Zakzaky Protest in Abuja Today

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the auspices of the  Mu’assatu Abul Fadl Abbas have today 26 of the July 2016 staged a peaceful Protest in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja demanding the immediate release of their supreme leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife Ummush Shuhada Malama Zeenatudden Ibraheem.

Members of Abul Fadl converged at Unity Fountain in the capital and took to the streets, carrying Zakzaky-embossed placards, banners and chanted the Government Free Zakzaky
slogans and distributed Press release  to passersby’s with the messages calling for his release immediately .

Moreover, various leaflets were distributed to the bystanders who thronged the streets to look on the demonstration. The organization had also seized the chance to inform the onlookers of the massacre committed against them by the Nigerian Government.

The protest kick-off at Muse Market Abuja, passed through NNPC junction  towards Aminu Kano Crescent and ended at Barnes  in Abuja.

One of the onlookers we interviewed showed his horror when he said that he was deceived by the mainstream media that blamed Shias for their deaths. "This is not fair, the citizens of this country should not be treated this way." He lamented. Another onlooker who did not want his name mentioned also said that "Even though I am not a member of the movement, the killings of Shias are unjustified, and we totally condemn it. They do not preach hatred, they are not a threat to the national security, so why should they be killed this way? I don't support injustice of this kind. " He added. Dozens of spectators had expressed their condolence to the victims of the massacre and the demonstration was held peacefully.

Among the sympathisers who watched the protest emotionally was an old woman who prayed for divine protection to the demonstrators " May the protest bring a desired result. I pray to Allah to protect you from the devilish machinations of the Nigerian soldiers" She said. " As a nonviolence movement, you Shias do not deserve this atrocity, I support your course, keep fighting for justice until you secure the release of your leader" Said another onlooker watching the protest from the pavement.

Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has been held since after the unjustly Nigerian military clamp down on Shaikh Zakzaky and his followers on 12th-14th December 2016 where about 1000+ brothers and sisters have been killed or their where about not known and about 200 being held unjustly with the international Human Right denouncing the atrocities.

Pictures are Bellow, Free Zakzaky Protest on 26/7/2016 in FCT Abuja.