Mu'assatu Abdul Fadl Abbas Honours Martyrs and Their Parents in Bauchi

By Khalid Idris Doya

Mu'assatu Abdul Fadl Abbas (as) under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky had organised a one day symposium honouring martyrs, their sons and parents who lost their lives to an engineered massacre committed against members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian soldiers. The parents were honoured in the most spectacular manner after which a befitting farewell was given to the brave martyrs who emanated from Bauchi state.

The symposium took place in the famous Zungur Garden, Bauchi on sunday 24 January 2016. The maiden programme would also be organised in other states that also recorded a number of martyrs in the Zaria massacre which was carried out without any words of sympathy from the president Buhari.

The programme kickstarted at 11 o'clock am. After an opening prayer and Quran recitation, the purpose of the programme was read out by Jamilu Musawy after which Malam Idris Allama (an assistant to Malam Ahmad Yashi) delivered a heart-warming speech that told how the spirit of a martyr is being uplifted to the Heaven. "The blood of a martyr is the only mean through which Allah glorifies his religion, that is why we are warned not to call them dead. In fact, Islam sustains with the bloody sacrifice of martyrs", he said.

He also stated that allegiance to Ahlul Bayt is not easy and whoever proclaims allegiance to the true religion of Islam, he must prepare to face adversities and persecutions. "We prayed to Allah to bless us with children who could assist us in promoting the cause of Allah, and we are grateful to the Almighty for giving the brave children who sacrificed their lives in the religion of Allah.

That's why we are here to remember them and honour their parents as well. We cry because we have lost our loved ones but we do not cry or worry about their destinations and final abodes" he added.

It was after he concluded his emotional speech that one member of the Mu'assatu Abul Fadl Abbas, and also one of the organisers of the programme, Musawy Hayatuddeen delivered another emotional speech. He said martyrdom is a gift which Allah blesses the bravest and the most pious of his servants with.

At the end of his lecture, he enjoined brothers and sisters to summon up the courage to defend their leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. "We must bear in mind that our movement has just started and we will not relent fighting for justice and redress over the deaths of our members".

Jamilu Musa Bauchi who survived the massacre gave the narration of the incident and how it unfolded. In his account, he stated how the army started shooting in Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah and the subsequent shelling of the sanctuary which resulted in the massacre of hundreds of brothers, sisters and infants who were taking refuge inside the building.

He also stated how some miscreants seized the tragedy to divert people's attention in order to achieve their selfish interests.

In the meantime, one member of the Mu'assatu Shuhada Bakir Dayyar Zone drew the attention of brothers and sisters to the impact of the tragedy " We once never recorded any martyr from Bauchi, but today we have ones, therefore, I would like to encourage our members to please try harder in donating to the foundation of martyrs, it is a collective responsibility which we must discharge". says Masi Yalwa

At the end, various types of gifts were delivered to sons and parents of the martyrs who lost their lives to the tragedy after which an interesting parade of honour was given to the martyrs.

The participants also reiterated their commitment to follow their leader at all cost.

The symposium was attended by hundreds of people, some of whom were survivors who sustained gunshots from the massacre.