Mu'assasatu Abul Fadl Abbas Organizes a One Day Seminar In Bauchi

Mu’assasatu Abul fadl Abbas (AS) of the Islamic movement in Nigeria organizes a one day seminar in Bauchi, 12/04/2014.
The programme was started at exactly 4:30pm on Saturday 12/4/2014. Prayer was opened by Sayyid Abdullahi Yalwa and some Versus of the holy Qur’an was recited by Mal. Aminu.
Mal. Muhammad Abbare Gombe was the first speaker at the event, who urge people to know why are they here (world) and what are they doing behind the saying that; they are followers of Sayyid Zakzaky (H). He outlined the basic things one must achieved before he called himself a follower of sayyid Zakzaky (H). One should purify his inner body (spiritual) and know that the task ahead of him is “revolution in Nigeria”. He added that “we said to the government that is ruling in Nigeria we are not interested in such kind of leadership and we want a change and follow the teaching of Qur’an, but yet we are sleeping. Why don’t we be awake and start struggle and move”!
Mal. Musavi added that: definetly we have a leader so why don’t we follow his guidance? Sheikh Zakzaky (H) have done everything for us about the movement, he is done with almost 95%, but we are left with only 5%. What have we achieved in that 5%? Actually not even 1%! He mentioned.
Sayyid Hammad Ibrahim Zakzaky concluded the evening session of the event by some series of advice to fellow brothers and sisters that were attended the seminar. He make an emphasis of what is our perspectives concerning the movement and added that we all have load on our head and we have to lift it and take it to where we supposed to.
The evening session was closed with a closing prayer by Mal. Ahmad Yusuf Yashi at 6:00pm.