Miracles of Imam Reza (AS).

Miracles of Imam Ali Ar-Reza (a.s) – a poetic tribute Imam Ali bin Musa Ar-Reza (a.s.) was born on 11 Dhol-Qada … he was the eighth infallible successor of Prophet Muhammad (s.w.w.). Holy city of Mashhad, Iran, houses his holy shrine. BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) TO 14 MASUMEEN BILLIONS SALUTES TILL DAY OF JUDGMENT BILLIONS SALUTES BIRTH OF GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) Imam Reza was Allah’s light - He came to world to make it bright Soon after birth he bowed his head - Praised Allah by bowing head He sat up and looked at the skies - Saluted him angels of skies From his face shone the divine light - Rose high to skies made skies bright The east was bright the west was bright - The North was bright the south was bright He’s Powerful miraculous Imam - Embodiment of light Imam He was present on the earth - Like sun of heaven shining on earth The bright divine and powerful light - Was making earth and heavens bright His body neat, clean and pure - Very fragrant it was for sure Heavenly and the sweat fragrance - Spread from him the sweat fragrance His sacred lips moved on and on - Recited holy Books on and on Books of Adam, David, Moses - Torah Bible, Book of Jesus Quran the Book of Muhammad - Recited it like Muhammad His mind was treasure of knowledge - Was manifester of knowledge Moosa Kazim, the great Imam - Took Ali Reza, the great Imam Recited adhan in right ear - Iqama in his left ear He said to mother of Ali Reza - The proof of Allah is Ali Reza On earth he is the sign of God - Imam he’s appointed by God BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) INFANCY OF GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) In infancy lullaby Quran - He heard Quran recited Quran Father and son both were Imams - Seven predecessors were Imams BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) IMPRISONMENT OF IMAM MOOSA KAZIM (A.S.) Thirst for their blood had kings of time - Wanted to cut Imamat’s line Haroon prisoned Moosa Kazim - Infallible Moosa Kazim Quran had proved his sinlessness - Was Ahle Bayt, had sinlessness God kept blemish from him away - From all badness Ahle Bayt away Haroon tortured, ill-treated Kazim - He wanted to kill great Kazim Kazim got thin, weak and so weak - Could die in prison, he was so weak Haroon poisoned Kazim to death - Didn’t let him live poisoned to death Appointing Ali Reza as Imam - In prison died seventh Imam With crying eyes and aching heart - Reza saw his father depart Kazim was buried in Baghdad - Like heaven is Shrine in Baghdad Hundred and eighty third year - For all Shias was sad year They had lost Babul Hawaej Imam - Left world for heaven the seventh Imam BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO MOOSA KAZIM (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM MOOSA KAZIM (A.S.) SIGNED ON STONE Imam Reza was next Imam - By Allah appointed 8th Imam Umme Ghanam’s son came to him - Brought a stone and said to him Great Imam, sign on the stone - Test of Imamat was the stone Imam Reza was powerful - On stone he could do miracle He took the stone and by power - Signed on the stone by his power By miracle felt stone like wax - Signed on stone like signing on wax BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) FINGERS GLOWED BRIGHTLY Husain Mansoor went to the Imam - In room was Ali Reza Imam It was a night he raised his hands - And source of light were powerful hands Five fingers left five fingers right - Started shining very bright The fingers were like moon in bloom - In light were brighter than a moon The room was bright, the roof was bright - With deep faith Husain’s heart was bright He had witnessed the miracle - Of Raza Master of miracles BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) VAST KNOWLEDGE Ali Reza had vast knowledge - Had worldly and divine knowledge Had knowledge of Adam’s holy Book - Had knowledge of David’s holy book Of Torah had complete knowledge – Of Bible had complete knowledge Of Quran had complete knowledge – Of all Books had complete knowledge People asked him many questions – He gave answers to all questions They asked 18 thousands questions - He answered 18 thousands questions All answers reflections of Quran - Were answered in light of Quran He inherited holy Quran – Possessed knowledge of Quran BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) VAST KNOWLEDGE OF HOLY QURAN In his heart, mind was stored Quran - He was divine light! And light of Quran! As a baby he recited Quran - As an adult he recited Quran When people came and asked questions - He answered through Quran questions Quran and sunnah were his aims - Shedding guiding lights were his aims BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) KNOWLEDGE OF HIDDEN THINGS Ibne Kaseer had such weak faith - Doubted Imamat had weak faith One year he went to perform Haj - Saw Imam Reza while doing Haj He thought, “He is a man like men - In him deep faith why should have men Great Reza read doubtful heart - Knew all the thoughts he had in heart So racing horse he came to man - Said, “Yes like other men I am a man But I am man having faith in me - Is made obligatory by God of me!” Imam said with power so high - He had power over earth and sky And everything that was in between - He had knowledge of all unseen BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) HAD KNOWLEDGE OF THOUGHTS IN HEARTS Bazanti was a doubtful man - He was Muslim with half faith He thought he should meet Ali Reza - He wrote for permission of Reza He thought when he would go to Imam - He’d ask some questions to the Imamb Was confused of three verses’ meanings - Would ask Imam to tell meanings The letter was sent and came reply - Meeting was hard was Reza’s reply In letter the man didn’t ask meanings - But Imam wrote to him all meanings Again the powerful great Imam - Had read the heart of doubtful man By writing meanings of verses in heart - He strengthened faith in doubtful hear KNOWLEDGE OF UNSEEN Hasan believed in seven Imams - Had no faith in rest of Imams He was not complete in his faith - He was not perfect in his faith He planned to travel and his daughter - To sell a cloth gave his daughter She said she needed a Feroza - With money he should buy Feroza When Hasan arrived in Khurasaan - A man came to him in Khurasaan He said my Master gave message - Give cloth for shroud was the message The Master was great Ali Reza - Dead one was friend of Ali Reza For friend’s body needed a shroud - Wanted to use cloth as a shroud Hasan could not find given cloth - Imam sent clues where was the cloth Hasan found and he gave the cloth - Said I won’t take price of cloth Imam sent message, “Gave your daughter - This cloth’s price is for daughter From money of cloth buy Feroza - She needs it and a black ‘manka’ Hasan got message, was surprised - By great knowledge highly surprised He said that he would go to Imam - Would ask questions to test Imam He wrote questions put paper in sleeve - To protect it he folded sleeve Then he went to meet Imam Reza - Saw assembly was to meet Reza People from Arab and from Ajam - Came to meet king of Arab Ajam (Imam Reza) To get his turn Hasan waited - Then to return he decided Servant of Imam came opening sleeve - Took paper from his folded sleeve Gave it to Hasan and said, “You read.” - O friend this letter you should read.” My master Imam Raza gave letter – Answers are present in letter With wide open eyes and joyful heart - Hasan read and got faith in heart Every question’s answer was there - His faith Hasan had to declare There is no other god Allah is God - Allah is God Allah is God Muhammad is Apostle of God - Ali successor of Apostle of God And true Imam is Imam Reza - Great Imam is Imam Reza BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) 18,000 QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY GREAT IMAM Eesa Yakhteen has reported – “Eighteen thousands I collected The questions asked to Imam Reza - Answers given by Imam Reza.” Replies contained knowledge of Quran - Of Sunnah and knowledge of Quran Eye openers were all the answers - And strengthening faith were those answers BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) CONTROL OVER EARTH Ibne Ibrahim Abdullah - Went to Reza Hujjatullah Had borrowed loan could not pay back - Asked Imam money to pay it back Imam Reza rubbed whip on ground - And miracle happened on ground The earth brought up a golden brick - Imam gave him the golden brick Could do miracle on earth and sky - His position high his miracle, high He was the prophet’s successor - He was possessor of treasure BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) GOT GOLDEN BRICKS FROM EARTH Ibne Abi Hasan Ismaeel - Needed some money Ismaeel Imam stretched his hand to the ground - Performed miracle on the ground The earth opened gave golden bricks - As large treasure golden bricks Imam took one and gave to him - In this way did favor to him BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) ARRIVAL AT NAISHAPUR A city was called Naishapur - Shias lived in Naishapur Imam Reza was passing by - The light of God was passing by Many thousands Muhaditheen - Many thousands of Muminin Assembled to see great Imam - Bright glowing face of Imam On camel in curtained Mahmil - Imam was seated in Mahmil When Imam came to Naishapur – Brightness was in Naishapur People pleaded to great Imam - Let’s see your handsome face Imam And please bless us with the knowledge – Recite Hadith with great knowledge Curtain was lifted from window – A moon was shining through window The handsome and the glowing face – Smile of mercy, on his face Shias saw him and felt proud - With devotion they cried aloud They kissed the reign and kissed Mahmil – Expressed their love by kissing Mahmil Some went on watching through window - The face was shining through window His handsome face was like a moon - In knowledge he was moon in bloom He said I heard from my father – And he heard it from his father Generations before generation – This hadith was in narration That Allah, Almighty, had said – To angel Jibraeel He had said Jibreel said to it the Prophet – And to Ali said greatest Prophet That Allah said Kalema is My fort - Its reciter entered My fort Who ever entered fort of mine – from punishment got Amaan of mine Imam said to recite Kalema - Conditions are to recite Kalema And there are many conditions – I am one of the conditions It means that every reciter – should believe Prophet’s successor And there are 12 successors – Reza is the 8th of successors It means that if the believers –Have no faith in the successors Unmet in Kalemas condition – Reciter won’t get salvation BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) WIND RAISED CURTAIN It was routine of great Imam - To court went daily great Imam Whenever he came to the door – servants raised curtain of the door Being jealous of his power – Servants decided together They said when he would come to door – We won’t raise curtain of the door They sat firm and there came Imam – and near the door reached great Imam The servants did not raise curtain – Came strong wind and raised curtain Imam Reza went in the court – And when he returned from the court The servants didn’t raise the curtain – Strong wind came raised the curtain The pride of Solomon was Reza – Had power over all nature Reza Controlled the earth controlled the sky - Controlled the wind that blows so high BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) GOT RAIN BY MIRACLE Imam Reza was Allah’s light - He came to world to make it bright Allah gave power of miracles - On earth and skies he did miracles When drought and famine hit Khurasan - Worried were people of Khurasan Starvation grief and dangers – On threshold of death were believers The king complained to Ali Reza - Humbly requested Ali Reza Imam you pray and bring the rain - Save lives of people bring the rain Imam, the mercy of Allah - He prayed to Almighty Allah He raised his powerful hands and prayed - Allah heard prayers when he prayed He prayed for rain and fell the rain - Thick clouds appeared came the rain All people were thankful to him - They had love and respect for him GAVE LIFE TO LIONS’ PICTURES Hameed bin Mehran said “Imam - It wasn’t your miracle Imam There was a drought for very long time - It rained when it was raining time You didn’t do miracle through the rain – As Allah’s mercy was the rain On carpet are lions’ pictures - You make alive lions’ pictures And order them to tear me up - And order them to eat me up Imam looked at lions’ picture - Ordered: “Alive be lions’ picture!” By his miracle pictures got lives - Two strong lions got the lives They stood, roared and rushed to Hameed - They tore his body and ate up Hameed Imam Reza had great power - On life and death had great power Allah had ordered angel of death - “Obey Imams, O Angel of Death!” Order of Imam it had obeyed - Imam’s intention it had obeyed By Imam’s intention Izraeel - The life of Hameed took Izraeel A believer shouldn’t utter word - Before Imam shouldn’t utter word Complaining words or taunting words - He should use only truthful words Imams were those whom Allah praised - He greeted them and them He praised Imams were Masters of heavens and earth - They were kings of heavens and earth BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) WILD ANIMALS RESPECTED THE GREAT IMAM A woman came by name Zainab - Said I’m progeny of Ali She was lying she wasn’t progeny - Of great Imam and Master Ali (A.S.) She was told she should go to place - Were wild animals in that place If she was not torn by animals - If respected by animals It would be proved she was progeny - Of great Imam and Master Ali She was very cunning woman - Thought of dangerous plan She said Imam Reza should go – To be tested there he should go If respected he was Ahle Bayt - Animals do not eat Ahle Bayt Imam went there and animals came - Lions, tigers wild animals came Seeing his power they bowed their heads - On ground all of them bowed their heads Each animal came close one by one - They kissed great Imam one by one It kissed his head, face and the back - Between his shoulders on the back People standing on a high place - Saw his miracle from high place Was Master of all Ali Reza - Respected by them Ali Reza With love in heart respect in eyes - Animals saw his position high They bowed humbly and greeted him - One by one they all greeted him BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) GAVE LIFE TO DEAD BODIES Mufeed bin Junaid came to Imam - And humbly requested the Imam In next world are my both parents - Please give life to my both parents Imam, merciful, said go home - Your parents are present in home In blink of an eye he gave them life - With just intention gave them life To angels Allah had ordered - “Obey Imams!” He had ordered They obeyed every order of Imam - And obeyed intention of Imam By intending, “They should get lives!” - Imam made angel give back lives The angel obeyed and gave them lives - By Imam’s mercy they got lives BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) EXECUTER OF ALLAH’S COMMANDMENTS On Shab-e-Qadr, the greatest night - Allah sends angels on that night He sends them with divine matters - Divine commandments and matters How much sustenance people should have - How less sustenance people should have How much richness people should have - How much poverty people should have How much of rain which country should have - How much of drought which country should have How much earth quake which country should have - How much storms which country should have For whole year what’s people’s fate - For whole year what’s the world’s fate Allah Almighty recorded all - Allah Almighty sent them all All these and more divine orders - Allah sent through angels to the door Of Ali Reza and every Imam - During the time of each Imam Angels came to Imam Reza - Bowed heads, respected Imam Reza They kissed his feet and greeted him - They bowed to him and greeted him Angels said peace! And greeted all night - Respected him greeted all night Imam received Allah’s orders - Executed Allah’s orders BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) IMAM‘S ACTION IS SAME AS PROPHET’S ACTION Muhammad bin Eesa saw dream - It was a real and wonderful dream In mosque came Prophet Muhammad - All rushed to see great Muhammad Went to Prophet Ibne Eesa - And greeted him Ibne Eesa Prophet replied to greetings - His smile was Allah’s blessings He picked up dates and gave to him - Ibne Eesa took valued them He counted dates in his slumber - They were all 18 in number The number forecasted to him - 18 years of life left for him After few days Ali Reza - Went to same mosque Ali Reza Came and met him Ibne Eesa – And greeted him Ibne Eesa Reza successor of Prophet – He did the action of Prophet He picked up dates and gave him dates - They were totally eighteen days Ibne Eesa said O Imam – give more dates generous Imam Reza smiled and said “O friend! – I do what Prophet did O friend He gave you dates, which were 18 – I give you dates which are 18” Muhammad was light of Allah – Reza light of Allah Muhammad mercy of Allah - Reza too mercy of Allah Muhammad forecasted his life – Reza too forecasted his life Muhammad’s successor was Reza – His eighth successor was Reza He explained all are Muhammad – The first one is a Muhammad The middle one is Muhammad - The last one too is Muhammad BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) BILLIONS OF SALUTES TO ALI REZA (A.S.) THE GREAT IMAM ALI REZA (A.S.) TO 14 MASUMEEN BILLIONS SALUTES TILL DAY OF JUDGMENT BILLIONS SALUTES