Members of Media Forum of the IMN are Experiencing Security Threat in Kaduna

Members of Media Forum are Experiencing Security Threat in Kaduna Since after Zaria Pogrom, some renown members of Media forum if the Islamic Movement in Kaduna are experiencing different tactics of trap by mysterious security agents. Many a times, this security agents are living no stone unturned to hijack social media accounts of some members of the forum. In addition, some used to be called on phone trying to get a tricky access to the members. There is a member, couple of days ago, that suffered from thugs' loot. His house was broke in, ransacked and whisk away some portable and meaningful properties among which include mobile phones, computer, and some disk contained data of activities of the movement. I particularly, couple of weeks ago received different calls trying to trick me to have a meeting point and on the other sides trying to recognize whom I am. Similar the story was, with a faithful sister who also received calls different times trying to explore who really she is and the social account she was interacting with masses. All these schemes, could not be inscribed with any thing rather than the series of write ups in both Hausa and English Languages that have been bringing forth by these industrious members of the media forum which discernment and contradict the purported propagandism of the perpetrated Nigerian Army in their attempts, to cover up their crime against humanity. The exposition of the bloody lies by these media forum's members. The increment in readership of the write-ups used to be presented by the members most especially the media outlets that are not biased regarding publishing the eventual public hearings presided by panel of inquiry of the massacre. May their mischievous plots boomerang to them and make it foil by the grace of the Most Omnipotent (Allah) against all despotism.

Source: Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru