Members of the Islamic Movement in Kaduna, Nigeria Organized Birthday Commemoration of Imam Ali(a.s)

Virtues of Imam Aliyu Ibn Abu Talib Exalted in Kaduna:

By Muhammad Ibraheem

A spectacular showy of birthday celebration of Imam Aliyu Ibn Abu Talib(a.s) held in Kaduna zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, organized by youth forum of Rasulul Akhram unit of the zone.

The event took place today, 19th of April, 2016, at Markaz Premises, T/Wada Kaduna.

The programme kicked off with pompous parade display by Fudiyya Primary Pupils, the youth forum of the movement in honour of the Imam, and drama to ridiculing the propagandism of the Nigerian Army on Zaria December 12-14 massacre.

The guest speaker, Malam Auwal T/Wada, enumerated innumerable virtues of the infallible Imam, Aliyu Ibn Abi Talib(a.s). He noted the greatest among--being the one and only companion of the Holy Prophet(sawa) who was born in the most sacred place, the Ka'abah, an unprecedented happening since after the Holy monument was built by Prophet Abraham(pbuh)--.

Similarly, in his remarks, the zone's co-ordinator, Malam Aliyu Turmidhi re-expatiated on virtues of the Imam, furnishing a number of textual proofs of Imam Ali's virtues from annals of history. Malam Aliyu at the end of his remarks, strengthen the conceited brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement to re-adhere strictly to the path of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, adding that declaration of Wilayah of Imam Ali and total submission to the path of the remaining 11 infallible Imams, succeeded with all forms of open enmity and heart-headedness, exemplifying with the recent storm and raid of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his family, his residence and other monumental buildings rightfully and legally owned by his Movement. This really justify that we are on the right path. Explained by Malam Aliyu Turmidhi.

The event witnessed multitude of brothers and sisters in attendance. Below are some of the pictures we captured during the circular Maulid.