Members Of Academic Forum Visited Pastor Buru

On Sunday morning 10th Nov, 2013 Some members of  academic forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria (AFIMN) visited Pastor Yohanna Y.D. Buru initially at his home and later moved on to his church; Church Of Christ Evangelical And Intercessory Fellowship.

One of the pastors of the church, Pastor Maxwell Sanda presented a welcome address where he expressed his happiness for the visitation. He explained that from his childhood he was told that Muslims especially those wearing black clothes are the enemies of Christians and he used to believe so but after meeting followers of Sheikh Zakzaky he realized they are the most peace-loving people. He now understands the absence of enmity between Christians and Muslims. Thus, in their church, they have good understanding with Islam as their aim is to establish and maintain peace in the community.

In his speech, the greatest pastor of the church, Pastor Y.D. Buru also expressed his extreme happiness for the visitation which coincide with the church's 5th anniversary.

While talking about Sheikh Zakzaky, Pastor Buru said that Sheikh Zakzaky is a unique person who knows the way-out for community. He continued saying that 34 years back when he started hearing about Sheikh Zakzaky, he never thought they will sit together on same table but now the reverse is the case he met Sheikh Zakzaky as the simplest of all.

He  went further to say that  nothing is above living in peace and his  church members must be peace loving and always give  a  helping hand to any oppressed Muslim. Pastor Buru said that he wished  he had invited the world media like BBC,  CNN $  PressTV on this important visitation but  still he will ensure that  it spread as possible as he can.

Pastor Buru, on behalf of all the church members sent regards to  Sheikh Zakzaky. He said the visitors should tell Sheikh that  he's grateful and that  Sheikh is a leader and ayatullah of Africa.

Before concluding his speech, Pastor Buru explained to the church members why brothers were in black dresses.  He said  they  do so in the  cause  of mourning the tragedy of karbala. He assured brothers that  he will attend the ashoora procession and trek of arba'in. He received  a  special gift from academic forum together with the  gift of honor offered  to him by Kaduna brothers as  one of the contributors to last arba'in trek.

While speaking, chairman of academic forum  kaduna, Malam Abdulmumin Giwa, warned people on how some politicians create  fights  among  them so as to benefit from it. He said that we are all sons of Adam created by Allah then why  should we kill each other?