Maulud Khatma of Sayyidah Zahra A.S /Pictures

On Thursday    27th J/thani, 1436 (16/4/2015), members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria held the maulud khatma of Sayyida Zahra AS in Kano,

After a series of displays which include, parade by Fudiyya Students. Prizes were also giving to the winners that participated in different competitions,   

Malama A’ishatu Abdulwahab Hasan took first position in the essay competition, she won a car, other prizes include; sewing machines and lots more.  

Malama Zeenauddeen Ibraheem was the guest speaker in the occasion, she remind the attendees of the purpose of creation, and the only way we can achieve our mission on this earth is by copying from the life of our holy prophet Muhammad (S), while briefing them on the history of sayyidah Zahra AS she pointed out so many lessons from it, among the mentioned lessons include her struggle in the way of Allah only to see that people did not go astray after the martyrdom of her father (S).

She later closed the gathering with prayer.