Maulud Khatma in Kaduna 2014/1435

On Thursday 13/02/2014,Kaduna Zone of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of  Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has conducted the close of Maulud celebration,in a colorful mood, at Yanlilo T/Wada Kaduna

Guest speaker at the occasion was Sheikh Sharif Tukur Funtua, who spoke on the virtues attached to Maulud celebration that he described as an act of respect and honor to the Holy Prophet (S). He explained that, the Holy Prophet started as a drop of divine light, and later descended to earth in Mecca and later Madinah for humanity to emulate. “Our Prophet is unlike any being, and therefore nothing should be compared to him. People should guard against degrading statements on the personality of the Holy Prophet”.

He pointed out that, the emergence of the Prophet itself was a sign of eventual triumph of truth over falsehood, and salvation not only for humanity but all celestial beings. Sharif Tukur further stated that, alongside love for the Prophet is the love for his Pure Progeny who are the Ark of Salvation for those who hold unto them. He stressed that, the love for Ahlu Bayt Muhammad is compulsory on any Muslim who truly loves the Prophet (S).

Sharif Tukur therefore posed a challenge to the opponents of Maulud as did the Prophet to the non-believers on the day of Mubahila. “These people who said Maulud is Haram, let them bring forth their children, women and themselves, as we did here today, somewhere else and let us incur the wrath of Allah between us regarding the lawfulness or otherwise of Maulud. This situation is similar to the event of Mubahila during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (S)”.

In his remarks, disciple of Sheikh Zakzaky in Kaduna, Malam Muhammad Mukhtar Sahabi restated the divine personality of Prophet Muhammad (S), which said is above any other being ever created by Allah. He said, the Holy Prophet was in existence before any creation in the form of divine light worshiping the Creator from one manifestation to the other, and that all form of good conduct and manifestation was conceived from that divine light imbued in the spirit of the Prophet.

Malam Mukhtar Sahabi used the occasion used the occasion to warn those planning to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky of dire consequences associated with their evil intention. “It has now become clear that the state government is waging war against Shi’a and Sheikh Zakzaky through their actions”.

At the end of the occasion food items and clothes worth thousands of naira were distributed to individuals in the society, while awards were presented to distinguished personalities that have made a landmark in the unity and peaceful co-existence of the society.those awarded included Pastor Yohanna Buru, Alhaji Ibrahim Gashash. Selected media organization such as Nagarta Radio, AIT, Al-Mizan and Pointer Express newspapers were also awarded. Imam Mahdi (AF) unit received the first prize for this year’s conduct of Maulud celebration, with Imam Hassan (AS) and Sayyidah Zahra (AS) came second and third respectively. Distinguished personalities and scholars from all walks of life attended the occasion.