Maulud of Abul-Fadl Abbas celebrated at Husainiyyah Baqiyattullah Zaria.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) begins with congratulating the audience of these great anniversary which is the birthday anniversary of Hadhrat Abul-Fadl Abbas.
He further gave a brief history of Hardhat Abul-Fadl Abbas; where he mentioned some of his title which includes Saqil Udasha, Qamaru bani Hashim, babul hawaij, Abdus Salih and lots more.
His mother is Fatima who asks for a favor from Imam Ali (AS) to stop calling her with Fatima to please the minds of the children of Sayyidah Zahra (AS) and to him also.
He is pious and is also known for his good manners and pity to the less privilege ones.
Hadhrat Abul-Fadl Abbas is remembered because of his sacrifice to his brother (Imam Husain), which is the peak of any sacrifice that a brother will render to his brother.
Sayeed Zakzaky (H) lead the Maghrib and Isha prayers and went on with the cutting of the cake to commemorate the Maulud of Abul-Fadl Abbas.
Then He recited some Ziyarat and also Du`au Kumail and then closing prayer to end the program.