To the Masked Aisha Haruna from Sharada, Kano

To the Masked Aisha Haruna from Sharada, Kano

It's quite obvious that even professional liars do encounter problems in covering their lies as time goes on, they will have to invent new lies all time to cover old lies, and eventually all the lies doesn’t tally with each other.

Today , at the Kaduna State Judicial Commission of Inquiry ,one Aisha Haruna appeared with a mask made of cotton which covered her face told the commission that her uncle, Yusuf Muhammad Tura , who was coming from Abuja along Bakori road met "Shi'aites" on the road , celebrating the Birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet (S.A.A.W). He made an attempt of passing through the gathering but he was refused by "Shi'aites" and another person happen to get his way through the gathering so Aisha's uncle try to do that , as a result "Shi'aites" stoned him , bit him and burnt him to death !
A Lawyer asked her whether they report the incidence to the authority, she replied him by saying no...

Have Aisha Haruna forgotten that in 2014 , three (3) biological children of Shaikh Zakzaky were massacred on the street by the Nigerian Army with thirty one others? Shaikh Zakzaky was calm a patient together with his followers. What do you think would had happen if those killed were children of some one else with millions of followers ?

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has never for once engage in any act of human right violation such as killing , mutilation or burning of people to death for the past 39years . There is no record for that barbarism. What the Mask Aisha Haruna said in the Commission today has shown the gravity of enmity enemies of peace, love and humanity have for the lovers of peace and humanity .
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria always save lives of people.
Islamically , lying is forbidden and anything Islam forbids have physical and spiritual implications that are harmful to mankind .
We know that Cognitive dissonance describes the discomfort one feels when holding two conflicting thoughts, and it shows up a lot when some one lie.
Mask Aisha Haruna , why would you deliberately lie against innocent people? Brothers and sisters of the Islamic Movement are peaceful people and people know that , practically every one can see that , 1000+ were killed and they still remain calm and follow legal process . What makes you alter those facts that are clear to people? Don't you think you are fooling your self? Why would you present a false statement?
Practically, on a broad day light , people saw those that kill and burn innocent people to death in Zaria . In the #ZariaMassacre we have seen how killers kill , rape and burnt people to death so people have already know who kill people and who burn people to death .
Well ,at times Listening to lies when the truth is known is quite entertaining but I prefer to heart the truth ,truth always leads.
My advise to liars is that that stress of lying harms your brain and body in several horrible ways. Lying contributes to your stress level . Liars need to consider the negative impact of lying . The harm isn't self-evident, but it readily exists in the numerous health issues you encounter in your daily life.

Find Killers were Killers are not Shaikh Zakzaky and his followers .

S.I Ahmad