Martyrs Day Commemoration in Kano


The Kano Zone 1437 Shuhada Day was held Sunday 23rd Rajab, 1437 (1/5/2016) at Filin Dalar Gyada, Kofar Mazugal in central Kano city with many Brothers and Sisters of the IMN, friends and families in attendance and Mal Abdul Hamid Bello as the special guest.

The coordinator of the Kano Zone Shuhada Foundation Mal Yusuf Abdullahi in his speech announced to date the Kano Zone of Shuahada Foundation has in its list 143 Shuhada with 171 parents. Likewise, the father to Shaheed Idris Gambo has passed away in the preceding year. He also mentioned challenges faced by the foundation in carrying out its activity role of taking care the welfare of the families of our Shuhada and changes introduced to help effectively carryout its roles.

In his introductory speech the Special Guest Mal Abdul Hameed Bello stated the Shuhada Day was slated for the last weekend of Rajab by the leader of the IMN Shaikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky (H) so that it coincide with the Remembrance day of the martyrdom of Imam Musal Kazim (AS) that happened on the 25th Rajab. However our leader Shaikh Zakzaky (H) is not with us today in this year’s Yaumul Shuhada because of the atrocities of the Nigerian government in the Zaria Massacre December 12th-14th, 2015 and is still held unjustly with mass killings of about 1000.

Mal Abdul Hameed drew some lessons of martyrdom and responsibilities the living owe to the families of the martyred. A great miracle seen on our Guide, Leader, and living Shuhada, the Father of six martyred Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) of the rattled Right Leg and Left Hand and also eyes was narrated in which Doctors taking care of the injuries happened to be amazed after seeing within some hours of X-ray of the right leg and left hand in Kaduna after some hours in Abuja, after a second x-ray no broken leg nor that of hand is seen and have healed. Allahumma Salli Ala Muhammad Waa li Muhammad!!!

A ceremonial march pass and flower placing honoring our martyred was conducted by hurras of the IMN that made the event colorful.

The next year (1437/1438) payment of Shuhada donation was launched with a Brother symbolically paying that of Shaikh Zakzaky’s donation, who always is the first in paying his donation. Mal Sunusi paid that of Shaheed Muhammad Mahmoud Turi.

Mal Sunusi Abdul Kadir Koki made a thanks giving speech and a closing dua from Mal Abdul Hameed Bello.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad