Martyr Sayyid Abbas Musawi (ra)

Biography: Abbas Al-Mussawi (born c. 1952 died February 16, 1992), a Lebanese Muslim cleric and secretary-general (1991–92) of Hezbollah (“Party of God”). Abbas Al-Mussawi studied at a Shi'ite Hawzah religious college) in Al-Najaf, Iraq, where he was strongly influenced by the teachings of Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah- Khomeini” Ruhollah Khomeini. Mussawi returned to Lebanon in 1978 and four years later—inspired by the successful Imam Khomeini-led Islamic revolution in Iran—helped to form Hezbollah in an effort to resist the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon (1982) and to promote Resistance. Al Musawi returned to Lebanon in 1978. Along with Subhi al Tufayli he spearheaded the formation of Hezbollah movement in the Beqaa Valley in 1982, one of the three major areas of Shia population in Lebanon.From 1983 to 1985 he is reported to have served as operational head of the Hezbollah Special Security Apparatus. From late 1985 until April 1988 he was head of Hezbollah's military wing, the Islamic Resistance. And In 1991, The Hezbollah had entered a new era with the end of the both the Iran–Iraq War and Lebanese Civil War, the Taif Agreement and the release of the Kuwait 17 bombers. A new leader was thought to be needed to facilitate the release of the Western hostages held by Hezbollah and more importantly to shift Hezbollah's focus to resistance activity against Israel. In May 1991, Hezbollah chose al Musawi as its secretary-general. As a former head of both the Security Apparatus (considered the instigator of hostage taking) and the military wing of Hezbollah, al Musawi was well qualified for this post .Al Musawi replaced the Sheikh Subhi al-Tufayli and promised Hezbollah would "wipe out every trace of Israel in Palestine." He described Israel as "the cancer of the Middle East." Al Musawi also promised to "intensify [Hezbollah] military, political and popular action in order to undermine the peace- talks."He did not support entering mainstream politics. Unlike other Hezbollah figures, he advocated the acceptance of Taif Agreement, which was the rejection of theocratic state in Lebanon. His Prayer: "My Lord... If You insist on treating me with Your justice and holding me accountable for the misdeeds committed with everyone of my limbs, I demand that You grant me a purified martyrdom, which I personally choose as an atonement for my sin; a martyrdom with rare equals, with which my body is shredded and everyone of my limbs receives the punishment and penalty it deserves , and after which, my Lord, it becomes definite that You inhabit me near You and near your saints. I say definite because of my belief in Your justice not to mention my belief in Your kindness." Assasination: On 16 February 1992, Israeli Apache helicopters fired missiles at the motorcade of al Musawi in southern Lebanon, killing al Musawi, his wife, his five-year-old son, and four others. Al Musawi was succeeded as Secretary General of Hezbollah by Hassan Nasrallah .