In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Peace be upon Aba Abdillah, the son of Allah’s messenger, the choicest of Allah and the son of His choicest.

The Arba’een symbolic trek is an annual event incorporated into the series of activities marked by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The Arba’een trek is a spiritual odyssey aimed at exposing the reality of what befell the grandson of the Holy Prophet at the historic event of Karbala. Arba’een trek in Nigeria was initiated and prioritized to serve as a medium from which other uninformed members of the public would be able to know about the phenomena of Karbala.

Since inception, the Arba’een trek was seen as a threat to the followers of Yazid, and oppressors within and outside Nigeria. The trek is nonetheless, a form of trek symbolizing the tragedy that befell the Prophet’s household. It is never a violent organization or event. There was never a record of misconduct, right abuse, or violation of peace from the participants of this annual event in Nigeria.

But on the contrary, the Nigerian Government were caught in the shameful act of attacking the annual symbolic trek. It was the same government that disguised under a false flag operation in 2015, where they detonated a bomb amidst participants from Kano axis.

In the later years, the Nigerian government felt the symbolic trek must be dealt with – a reason why they decided to start sending joint security forces to attack the event. It happened in Kano in year 2016, where scores of participants were killed by the joint Nigerian forces, many were injured and illegally incarcerated.

All these unprovoked attacks were executed by the Nigerian Government so as to deter the Islamic Movement from commemorating the ordeal of Aba Abdillah (AS). Despite the threats and intimidations, Arba’een symbolic trek commenced from Kano in the early morning of Sunday 5th November 2017. It all started peacefully, participants were chanting Ashurah mourning slogans, and people were applauding in sympathy.

As the trek was about to round-up for the day, the Nigerian Security Forces attacked with a full force, shooting at sight mercilessly with live ammunitions. That was when a bullet stroke Martyr Hussaina Dauda, and attained martyrdom.

Hussaina was born on 8th August 1996 to the family of Dr. Dauda Nalado and Amina Haruna Ahmad, she was the fourth daughter of the family.

Hussaina was said to be a brilliant child, who attended Nursery and Primary school from 2003 to 2009, while for her secondary school education, she went to Sunrise Academy from 2012 to 2015.

Before she was unjustifiably killed, martyr Hussaina was a year two student of Civil Engineering in the esteemed Bayero University, Kano. She was among the best five students of her class, and one of the best brains of the Faculty of Engineering.

Martyr Hussaina was killed in a day broad light murder executed by the Nigerian security forces. She was shot on the forehead, which was a clear shoot to kill target from an expert shooter. She was martyred alongside three other members of the Islamic movement.

To her family, Hussaina was a guiding light. She set the example of what a good child, should be. She always did her best to be patient with all of her family members. She tried to carve out some quality time with each of her friends, colleagues and neighbours.

However, Abul Fadl Abbas foundation received the martyrdom of Hussaina with a great shock, and at the same time celebrated her in a grand style, for attaining the peak of Allah’s blessing. She was considered to be a shining example of the kind of unconditional dedication required from each and every member of the Islamic movement.

Martyr Hussaina was also a fantastic member of the Abul Fadl foundation. She always saw the good in people, and if she saw the bad, she certainly didn't gossip about it. If you needed her, she was there and asking what she could do for the betterment of the struggle.

It is indeed a great loss to humanity, to intellectual world, to the members of the public, to the Islamic movement in Nigeria. May Allah Allah accept her martyrdom.


Abul Fadl Foundation,

Zaria, Kaduna

Kaduna State, Nigeria