Martyr Haj Imad Mughniyyah:

Thursday the 12th of July, 1962 was
no ordinary day for the southern
town of Tair Dibba. On that day the
town’s Fayez Moghnieh family
received a new born they named
Imad Moghnieh, the first and eldest
of his brothers. Relative to his peers,
Imad’s childhood flew rapidly, and
he died martyr before old age set in.
He was assassinated at the age of
45, on the 12th of February, 2008.
His martyrdom became a beacon to
the resistance fighters, just as his
life, biography and deeds were.
Imad was brought up by modest and
spiritual parents; their religiosity
and love of Ahl-Albait was passed
onto him from a young age. He was
worthy of the legacy which he
bequeathed in turn to the
thousands of Freedom Fighters he
met, and the thousands of Freedom
Fighters to come.
From his childhood through youth to
his martyrdom, Imad was a special
person, known for his religiosity and
piety, jovialness and love for others.
His great sense of tolerance and
humility with the pious was
contrasted with an intense and
rugged arrogance and condescension
to the enemies of God, the enemies
of His Messenger and the enemies of
the believers.
Due to difficult living conditions,
Fayez Moghnieh’s family moved
along with Imad and his brothers to
the southern suburbs of Beirut to
settle in the town of Shiah, a suburb
which became a source for a great
number of martyrs and cadres of
Imad went to Shiah school until the
beginning of 1975 when the civil war
began in Lebanon. He joined the
ranks of Fatah movement at the time
to defend the Palestinian resistance
and protect his people in the wake
of attacks and killings by forces loyal
to “Israelis”. Imad enrolled in one of
the elite units of the Fatah
movement, soon to rise rapidly in its
ranks, although he was the youngest
among his peers at the time. He
received a great deal of training and
combat skills in the ranks of this
unit. When he was later put in
charge of one of Fatah’s centers, he
drew a large number of young
people to the unit, who rallied
around him and acted under his
orders though they were mostly
older than him at the time.
Despite his responsibilities in the
Fatah movement, and despite the
war and its almost daily battles,
Imad clung to his religious
commitment and was a regular
attendant at Shiah mosque and a
committed listener to the sermons of
its preachers and classes of its
teachers, among them Ayatollah
Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, who
came to the area from al-Naba’a
locality in East Beirut, in the wake
Phalange Party attacks on its people.
Imad headed a cell of faithful
people that provided protection and
escort for Ayatollah Fadlallah, after
the failed assassination attempt on
his life in 1980, until the “Israeli”
invasion of Lebanon in 1982, when
he, along with a number of his
brethren were among the first
Freedom Fighters to confront the
advancing “Israeli” Army in Khaldeh
He remained in Beirut during its
siege and the period that followed,
when the “Israeli” Army moved into
a number of Beirut’s neighborhoods.
He was among the Mujahideen who
silently worked against the “Israelis”,
inflicting them with heavy losses and
casualties which they had to carry
with them as they were forced to
retreat out of Beirut.
Not settling for its withdrawal from
Beirut, Imad pursued the “Israeli”
forces into the south and was among
the initial founders of resistance
action against “Israel”. He moved
with his friends to join the ranks of
the resistance since its founding
beginnings in 1982, when Hajj
Radwan-known as a commander,
planner, military and security
engineer- was responsible for the
planning and execution of many
jihad operations against the
occupying “Israelis.”
Martyr Hajj Radwan was a forerunner
among brothers and martyrs who
achieved many resistance victories in
southern Lebanon throughout the
years of “Israeli” occupation. He was
the victor and the “Israelis” lost in
the many confrontation rounds he
engaged them in. He developed a
resistance combat school that was to
become a model, whether by
planning, implementation, equipage,
or knowledge of and work on enemy
capabilities and weaknesses.
The Americans accused Hajj Radwan
of masterminding their exit from
Lebanon, along with the French
forces, which invaded Lebanon in the
framework of a multinational force to
replace the “Israeli” occupation
forces in Beirut. According to U.S.
intelligence, Hajj Radwan was
behind the bombings against the
Americans in Lebanon, including the
simultaneous bombing of the
Marines in 1983, which killed 241
Americans, and the French
paratroopers Camp that killed at
least 63 French paratroopers.
This led to the collapse of the U.S.
plan in Lebanon, as the Americans
were forced to retreat from the
Lebanese arena.
Thus, strength-building was
conducive to the goal of victory.
This led eventually to victory in the
year 2000; at the time, he was the
field commander against a first time
ever retreat by the “Israeli” Forces
from Lebanon, the first
unconditional “Israeli” retreat from
Arab land since the establishment of
Zionist entity.
He also commandeered the July 2006
war victory, a heroic epic that totally
transformed modern warfare
doctrine; a war victory studied in
depth by friends and foes alike, who
are still working on understanding it,
in order to either emulate it or to
find ways to confront it.
After his martyrdom, Hajj Radwan
deserved the exceptional title of
“Leader of the Two Victories” given
to him by Hizbullah Secretary
General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,
the May 2000 and the July 2006
“Israel” assassinated Hajj Imad
Moghnieh at forty five years of age,
after many years of achievements
and victories during which the
“Israelis” were given a taste of
humiliation, disgrace and defeat.
Two brothers preceded Martyr Hajj
Radwan to the afterlife, covered with
their blood of martyrdom. The first is
Jihad, martyred in 1984 and the
second is Martyr Hajj Fouad,
assassinated in 1995 by an explosive
device that targeted him in Sfeir
area, in the southern suburbs.
Hajj Radwan died a martyr after
more than 25 years of being chased
by “Israeli”-U.S. and Western
intelligence cooperation, to have him
kidnapped or killed.
Source: Al Maaref