Marriage Life by by Malam Muhammad Kabiru Malumfashi

Usually Sisters and Academic fora used to organize conferences annually, this year 2013 they organized another Conference which was scheduled to take place in Katsina State Nigeria with a THEME “Toward better understanding of the Islamic Movement”. Participants from different parts of Nigeria have attended the two days conference. The first and the evening session of the programme were held at Markaz Katsina at exactly 5:15pm. After opening prayer and the recitation of the holy Qur’an the session started with introduction of the topic: “Marriage Life” which was presented by Malam Muhammad Kabiru Malumfashi with a chair person Malama Maimuna Husain Kano. The lecturer has started with the age that people found themselves before the appearance of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) and described it as a dark age. Sheikh Zakzaky (H) start calling people and awakening them on what are they doing here in the world and where are they heading to in this darkness life and situation they are in. he added. He also mentions different problems concerning marriage life, rules, right that both wife and husband have over the other. He added that both the wife and the husband should be educated about what Allah has been mentioned in the Qur’an about marriage life and spurs selection. Finally Malam Kabiru Malumfashi concludes that the best way for the husband and wife to live successfully and peacefully is to be patient with each other and don’t consider a minute problem as a giant that will split them quickly or to be in a state of divorce without negotiation and discussion on the problems that may arise between them. The programme was closed at 6:43pm after a closing prayer by the Speaker.