Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim spoke on the lessons from the life of Imam Khomein +Pictures

On Tuesday 5th Sha’aban 1435 (3/6/2014) is the 4th day of the ongoing Imam Khomein’s week organized by the Academic forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria holding at Husainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria.

Pastor Yohana Buru from Kaduna State briefly gave the history of the imam where the pastor says according to his research he found out that the imam is from the holy household of the holy prophet (S) the household that the holy prophet (S) commanded his ummah to listen and take the religion from them and also imam khomein is among those personalities that will never be forgotten in the history of mankind because of his numerous contribution in fighting the oppressors and helping the oppressed in his period.

Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim in her speech says that Imam Khomein is the exemplary personality that learns from the school of sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) and his brother Sayyid Abul-Fadl Abbas. Imam Khomein came at the time that the world is being dominated by two main ideologies (i.e.) the capitalist and the socialist, these ideologies have conquered even the muslims especially the youths, the ideologies that I think was originated from those that try to distinguish between the religion and the system governing by fabricating that peoples know more than the prophet (S) of the worldly matters.

Even though the Iranians of his time were most Shiites but must of them are on the opinion that since the Imam of the time will not appear until the world is being dominated by oppression therefore the best way to wait for the imam and hasten his emergence is to sit aside and let the oppression to continue so that will make the appearance of the imam to be more close. So when the imam came with a different thought they try by all means to condemn his ideology in the society, and that make the struggle of the imam to be more complicated.

Imam Khomein was blessed with some giant followers that risk their life to make sure that the ideal teachings of the imam are been heard and well understood by all.

She therefore urges the members of the movement to copy from those followers of Imam Khomein in spreading the lectures and the ideologies of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, because the movement is similar to that of imam Khomein.