Malam Turi Addresses Maulud Celebration in Kudan

During the night session, special guest at the occasion Malam Muhammad Mahmud Turi addressed the teeming population who had gathered at the central primary school to mark the occasion. Malam Turi enumerated virtues of the Holy Prophet, and the reward associated with celebrating his birth. He also explained the mission of the Holy Prophet, which he said, is to salvage the society through the establishment of Islam, the true religion. According to him, Prophet Muhammad (S) won the hearts of the people through good conduct that they testified to his transparent honesty.
Malam Turi said, the Holy Prophet through patience and perseverance had delivered the society from peril and societal ills worthy of emulation. He called on Muslims to emulate the good virtues of the Prophet. “Through Maulud celebration we learn and imbibe the good virtues of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S), when narrative of his history is read out”. “Now that this Prophet, a mercy to the whole
world has saved us from peril, and from the evil of ourselves, what can we give him as a reward for this great task? Sheikh Turi asked. The answer to this, he said, can be found in the Holy Qur’an where Allah told the Prophet to tell the people of his time who asked him similar question: “I do not demand from you any reward except the love of my progeny (Ahlul Bayt)”.
He explained that, the love of Ahlul Bayt(AS) is the one and only ultimate salvation of this Ummah as amplified by Maulana Sheikh Zakzaky in this era. He said, the miracles witnessed these days of written names of Ya Hussein by clouds and other miraculous events were testimony to the fact that, this is the era of Ahlul BaytAAS). He said we are highly blessed with an exemplary reformer, Sayyed
Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) through whom the light of Ahlul Bayt is being spread in an unprecedented captivating speed. “It is obligatory for us as followers to continue praying for him so that his mission is
Malam Turi, through various references, enumerated the lofty status of Ahlul Bayt as the Guiding Stars, Ark of Salvation and Foundation of all Blessings. “The virtues of this world and hereafter lies in love for the Prophet”, he said. Earlier, Amir of Kudan, Malam Junaidu Sani, expressed satisfaction with the turnout of people to the event, which he said demonstrated the un-quantifiable love the people have for Prophet Muhammad (S), as well as the unreserved allegiance to Sheikh Zakzaky (H). Highlights of the event was presentation of award to Halqa of Imam Hussain (AS) in Kofar Gabas as the best Halqa in timely payment of contribution to Shuhada Foundation, and the presentation an award of orderliness during the Maulud parade to Sayyidah Ameenatu Group.