This smearing of the Resistance movement of HAMAS should stop at once and should not be allowed . This is lack of proper discrimination . HAMAS is not sponsored by KSA neither are the Muslim Brothers of Egypt who are the allies of HAMAS , The Muslim Brothers of Egypt are the enemies of KSA because of their affiliation to HAMAS; and KSA poured billions to Egyptians so thatthe Muslim Brothers be removed from power as a a first step to isolate the armed Resistance in Gaza and carry on the World Order scheme of disarming and undermining any armed Resistance to Israel .KSA has always sponsored the Muslim Brothers in Syria though but is backing al Sisi in Egypt and funding him against the Muslim Brothers of Egypt and against HAMAS .
HAMAS is targeted because it is armed Resistance, and is targeted by the world order, and this war on Gaza is in order to disarm HAMAS as the war on Syria is in order to disarm the armed Resistance of Hizbullah , HAMAS is targeted because it is Resistance and not because it is sectarian .This war on HAMAS is the same war waged against Syria and Iraq and against the armed Resistance of Hizbullah and Iran by the NATO proxy armies of the World Order.. It is one war against all. It is true that HAMAS leadership embraced sectarian policies and joined the sectarian arena regarding Syria . This was a mistake but – nevertheless- HAMAS remains an armed Resistance against Israel before anything else and is threatened and targeted because of this .
One has to know that a degree of enmity between sects has always been there, as enmity between religions , it is something natural in our societies. What is not natural is when the World order comes and exploits these differences and turn them into deadly weapons . These differences- though existing- do not grow to become deadly except with the world order interference .
Both Shi’as and Sunnis are sectarian and Christians and Muslims do not like one another , This is due to the ignorance of the true purport of the religion and is common almost to all . Its remedy is the true understanding of the religion and not secularism as the west preaches and professes. The difference is that the enlightened religious Shi’a leaders are holding back the masses and checking any sectarian tendency and curbing it while the Sunnis lack such enlightened religious leadership and therefore are more exposed and susceptible to these tendencies. which is something with very bad repercussions on the whole situation.
We support and back fully HAMAS in its war against the usurper and we trust fully their military leadership that has offered lately more than one martyr killed along with his family and children . As for the HAMAS leaders who took the movement on this sectarian trip against the axis of the Resistance that is the ally of HAMAS, they should be held accountable and should be replaced.