The life of Sayyida Zainab (A.S)

Name: Zainab
Kunya: Umm-ul-Massaib
Title: Siddiqatul-Sughra
Father: Imam Ali (A.S.) Mother: Sayyida Fatima (A.S.)
Birth: 5 Jamada Al Ula (5 AH)
Death: 15th Rajab, Buried: Damascus (Syria)
Sayyida Zainab (AS), the daughter of Imam Ali (as) and Sayyida Fatimah Zahra (AS), was an exemplary woman of great ability, intelligence, knowledge, insight, courage and perseverance; she performed her divine duties to the best of her ability. She was born to a family formed by Prophet Muhammad (saw), the most outstanding figure in history. The Prophet's wife Sayyida Khadija (AS) a devoted woman was her maternal grandmother, and her paternal grandmother was Fatimah daughter of Assad, who mothered and nursed Prophet Muhammad (saw). The members of the family, in trio hierarchical order, were all great. Sayyida Zainab (AS) was a brilliant star in the mandate sky that received rays of holiness from the five suns. It was through her holy origins and pious edification that she manifested so great a fortitude in Karbala (Iraq). The life of the daughter of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (AS) was always laden with hardships, but she never feared coping with difficulties, this enhanced her endurance and elevated her soul. She had barely attained the tender age of seven when her beloved mother passed away. Her mother's death had closely followed her cherished grandfather’s passing away. Sometime later Imam Ali (as) married Ummul Banin (SA), whose devotion and piety encouraged Sayyida Zainab (SA) in her learning. While still a young girl she was fully able to care for and be responsible for the running of her father's household. As much as she cared for the comforts and ease of her brothers and sisters, in her own wants she was frugal and unstintingly generous to the poor, homeless and parentless. After her marriage her husband is reported as having said, "Zainab is the best housewife." From very early on she developed an unbreakable bond of attachment to her brother Imam Husain (AS). At times when as a baby in her mother's arms she could not be pacified and made to stop crying, she would quieter down upon being held by her brother, and there she would sit quietly gazing at his face. Before she would pray she used to first cast a glance at the face of her beloved brother, Imam Husain (AS). One day Sayyida Fatima Zahra (SA) mentioned the intensity of her daughter's love for Imam Husain (as) to Prophet Muhammad (saw). He breathed a deep sigh and said with moistened eyes, "My dear child, this child of mine Zainab would be confronted with a thousand and one calamities and face serious hardships in Karbala."