The NATO proxy army that goes
by the name of ISIS has founded
its caliphate and has announced
one of its thugs- Abu Bakr al
Baghdadi- as the Caliph over the
Muslims and has asked all the
armed factions for obedience
otherwise their heads shall be
split .
The new caliph appointed by the
CIA has also in his turn appointed
another thug to rule Lebanon
called Abdel Salam al Urduni-
meaning the Jordanian- an ex al
Nusrat who converted to ISIS and
became thus promoted and
appointed as a ruler for
Lebanon .
The first achievement of the
appointed ruler is to send 15
suicidals to blow themselves up
in different places in Lebanon .
The connection of the new ruler
of Lebanon to the suicidals
caught in one of the hotels of
Beirut- last week- has been
proved and they are all
connected to a notorious Sheikh
in Tripoli called Salem al Rafi’i
who is the imam of the al Takwa
Congratulations for the al Azhar
and for all the Iftaa’ institutions
of the world on this new
achievement and innovation .
The al Azhar has not yet
commented on this new event
and we don’t know whether it
will recognize the new Caliphate
together with the new Caliph. We
hope that the al Azhar will
pronounce itself soon even if we
do not expect any surprise and
that al Azhar will conform and
adjust to the bitter reality and
start normalizing with ISIS as it
normalized with Israel .
Shame on such Islam product of
the CIA with thugs and criminals
leading it while almost no one
bothers to condemn it. And
shame on those who are not
shocked and continue to live as if
nothing happened . This is Yazid
ibn Mo’awiya back to rule and
take after his father . A depraved
delinquent to rule the Umma and
a criminal thug and no one is
shocked or really outraged.
Most Muslims are
accommodating with this state
of things as if it were a natural
development of the religion .
except for leader Khamina’i , no
prominent religious reference
has issued a statement or said
anything .Not only this, but the
Hariri flags are seen rising next
to ISIS flags in the north of
Lebanon, and still they want to
fight terrorism and are after the
terrorists whom they find and
train and supply .
What kind of masquerade is this
and how long will it last ! We
should look for Israel in all this
nothing but Israel and the world
order and their marks are