No. 2353 Sarkin Waika B,

                                                                                                Gwale Local Government Area,


January 16th, 2016

His Excellency,

The Executive Governor,



Dear Sir,


We have come in contact with a letter with the above title, dated January 12th, 2016 purportedly written by ‘Waika Community’ signed by one Alhaji Lawal Hasan, addressed to your office. The letter has issued a complaint expressing their grievances and proposing actions to be taken amongst which include;

  • No resident of Waika area are following “Shi’ite religion”
  • Carrying out “dangerous activities” within the state in which they mentioned seeing of strange faces moving in and out “Turi house” (Kano Markaz) with unidentified and undisclosed items and organizing and conducting dangerous rallies with evil plans meant to destabilize peace and stability of the state emanating from there.
  • Holding prayer sessions in Kano Markaz directed at insulting those in constituted authority.
  • Urging the state government to urgently demolish/take over Markaz, stating some youths had intended setting ablaze Kano Markaz but the timely intervention of Waika Elders prevented that from happening.

For clarification, Islamic movement in Nigeria centers popularly known as Markaz, in which Kano has its own at Kofar Waika, are centers that houses the representative of the Islamic Movement within the zone. Also Markaz are centers for learning, hosting of religious activities and functions like prayers, Maulud, Seminars, workshops and social activities like marriage and naming ceremonies that focus on development of humanity and the immediate community in particular.

Kofar Waika Markaz has been in existence for over thirteen years and houses the Kano representative of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Likewise within Kofar Waika are followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and their families that have been within the community for many years living peacefully and cordially with neighborhood among whom include Alh. Adamu Gobirawa that has lived in the area for about thirty years.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahmoud Turi the representative of Kano zone of the Islamic movement lived in Kofar-Waika, and is known and has been acknowledged by the residents of the neighborhood to be champion of the progress and development of the state and the neighborhood in particular. Personally, he has been overseeing the vigilance in the neighborhood, improved sanitary works within the neighborhood, constructions activities like drainage reconstruction and access roads, rending help to under privileged, attending community social functions to mention a few.

On seeing the letter of complaint, Alh. Adamu Gobirawa had called Alh. Lawan Hasan and elders of the community on Friday, January 15th, 2016 at about 8pm in which Alh. Lawan, some elders and brothers of the Islamic movement were in attendance. Alh. Adamu Gobirawa expressed surprise and dismay at the content of the letter while highlighting the immediate and remote repercussions of the written letter. Alh. Lawan said he was cajoled into signing the prepared letter with some elders including Alaramma Mal. Ummaru Limamin Tsohon masallaci , Alaramma Mal. Ibrahim Limamin masallacin Alh. Musa, Alh. Labaran Garba, Alaramma Mal. Shitu Na’ibi, Mal. Idris, Alhaji AbdulRahman Badur, Alhaji Sani Driver, and Alh. Ghali saying they knew nothing of the letter even though their names have been written and signed on their behalf, reiterating how they have lived peacefully and cordially with brothers of the movement and their families, praying for Allah’s protection against all evil plots and plans, with peace and tranquility to remain.

We wish to reiterate that the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the able leadership of His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) that has been in existence for the past forty years has never been judged to be carrying dangerous activities, in possession of dangerous weapons nor involved in militancy within or outside the country.  Hence, we categorically debunk the allegations of “ the presence and movement of strange faces moving in and out of Late Turi’s house with undisclosed and unidentified items………” and state that they are untrue, malicious and meant to cause disaffection.

Alh Lawan as a signatory has mentioned that some youths had wanted to set Kano Markaz ablaze but the timely intervention of elders prevented it, thus he is aware of the set of youths. More so we again reiterate that with every allegation there are constituted procedures usually designed to verify such claims and should be adhered to.

We wish that the principle of fairness and justice will always be upheld.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully


Dr Dauda Nalado


Bayero University, Kano.

For The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Kano.



-The Deputy Governor, Kano State.

- His Royal Highness, The Emir of Kano.

- The AIG, Zone 1.

- The Commissioner of Police Kano State

- The Director DSS, Kano State.

- National Human Right Commission.

- The Press.