By Dr Abdullahi Danladi

As the world attention is on the defeated Jonathan’s administration handing over plan to Muhammadu Buhari to man the affairs of Nigeria, it remains a fact that Jonathan has one task where he failed his masters. That is the killing of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Throughout Jonathan’s tenure as president he has planned to execute the criminal mission of his bosses. One has lost track of the attempts on the life of the esteemed Sheikh. It may be recalled that in July, 2014 there were attempts on the lives of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi and Muhammadu Buhari and Sheikh Zakzaky all on the same day. As Allah had it none of the targets were killed, however the government out of frustration decided to attack the International Qud’s day procession in Zaria, killing thirty four people three of whom are the sons of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Few weeks back a group of hooligans were contracted by the Zazzau Emirates Council to do the dirty job. Their efforts were thwarted by the Almighty Allah. It is obvious that the Council was used as proxy to lunch the operation to murder and burn the residence of Sheikh. One would have thought that the outgoing Jonathan’s regime should be engaged with the transition and perhaps the plan to go to jail. So it came as surprise to learn that they have set a one week plan for themselves to within which to eliminate Sheikh Zakzaky. They have set time frame from Monday 25th May to Monday 1st June, 2015 to implement their heinous plans. The operation is to be carried out on Sheikh’s way to Husainiyya, mean while another group whose allowance has been increased by N2, 000 will be on standby to set his residence ablaze. This plan is typical of the Zionist for who Jonathan has been working.

What Jonathan wants to do is to create a glitch for the incoming government of Muhammadu Buhari. What could be the consequences of the evil plans of Jonathan? Isn’t it about time you should ask yourselves why your evil plans have been failing all these years? How long will it take you to realize that there is Allah and He is the one protecting Sheikh Zakzaky from your malicious conspiracies?

On Allah we relay and He is All knowing and Mighty.