Islamic Thought: Saturday Evening at Gombe State.

The program started by 4:30pm, and was chaired by Malam Buhari Jega, Malam Ibrahim Difa opened the session with a prayer and Malama Zainab Bashir recites some verses of the holy Qur’an.

Prof. Abdulaziz Ahmad Mashi from Umaru musa Yar'adua University spoke on the topic ‘the resistence of Caliph Attahiru Amadu in Mbormi against the force of the British conquest and the occupation of Sokoto Caliphate’ Who began with thanking the organizers of the program for giving him the chance  to participate in the program and later delved into the topic by giving a brief history of Caliph Attahiru who was the leader of the muslims under the flag of the Islamic state established by Shehu Usman bn Fodio, few followers of shehu Uthman Bn Fodio fight the enemies of islam who are many in number and succeeded. He gave brief history of what happened between the armies of Attahiru and the British colonist where he spoke on how they threatened the followers and those assigned by Attahiru in different places. British had three main aims then, which are; Change the religion and the culture they meet us with, steal our resources and make us their slaves for eternity. But due to the resistence of caliph Attahiru their mission are unsuccessful. He concluded.

Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibrahim was the second speaker who add more light on the same topic who says It was Shehu Bn Fodio that made the religion of Allah spread the way it was due to his struggle, Shehu Bn Fodio suffered a lot by his followers similer to the way the holy Prophet faced with his companions, Shehu Bn Fodio with the way the holy prophet trained/raised imam Ali (A.S), Shehu Uthman Bn Fodio wanted Abdullahi Gwandu to continue spreading the religion of Allah because he was certain with the training he gave him, but due to some people whom were after worldly materials went against it since after the success of Shehu Bn Fodio, problems arises from all angles. Fabrications were carried and spreaded by people.

If Muslim will stand firm in the religion of Allah, there is no way the enemies will defeat them. The problem is that the majority of the people are not ready to sacrifice their life foor the sake of Allah and Islam, instead they are just waiting for some to sacrifice their's and they will enjoy the dividend of their sacrifice. What if Allah (swt) asked us concerning his religion? Our concern have suppose to be on the result of our deeds here in the hereafter.

The only revenge we suppose to take upon the British colonialist  is to answer the call of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H) and make islam the system that govern our lives, so that their efforts of destroying islam will be in vain.

Malam Mukhtar Sahabi close the gathering with a prayer.