Islamic Thought: If Nigeria will continue to be in existence it will only exist to serve the selfish interest of the ancestors of the country by Sheikh Zakzaky at Gombe State.

This is the summary of the lecture delivered by the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky(H) on Saturday 28th December, 2013. In the ongoing annual conference organized by the academic  forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria at Gombe state of Nigeria to commemorate the 110th year of the martyrdom of caliph Attahiru amadu. He delivered the lectures around 9:40pm.

Nation differs from state: A Nation is a group of people that share the same historical background, the same religion, the same culture. While a state is the set of people under the same boundary, if we consider these definitions we can say that Nigeria is not a Nation.

Before the advent of Islam, Arabs are live base on tribalism and is a measure used in solving any issue between two individuals, issues like war, for example if a person will get two people fighting the first thing he will do is to find out who is from his tribe, whether he is right or not he will only help the one from his tribe and the Europeans in that period live the life we call “survival of the fittest”, they attack people and make them part of their empire, and in the process of the empire enlargement they also come  to Nigeria for colonization and make us under their empire. They came because of their selfish interest, they didn’t come for us. They (Europeans) came and meet some part of this country without cloths, religion, educational system but they meet us with all of these developments and above all they meet us with our own system of government that is ruling us which is Islam. infarct they didn’t bring any development to us.

Islam have come and prohibit all act of tribalism as it was reported from the prophet that; No difference between Arabs and non Arabs except in the fear of Allah. Therefore Islam is not base on tribalism.

If there is something that we share among us that make this Nigeria to be a Nation is that we live under the same colonialist. Therefore if Nigeria will continue to be in existence it will only exist to serve the selfish interest of the ancestors of the country, what is necessary for us is to have the nation that we can be proud of, a nation that will be under the Islamic principle, if someone may ask do I mean we should destruct the present Nigeria? I will say yes of cause, and we mean it. Nigeria must be destructed because we are now Muslims and we live under a non Islamic state, so when the Islamic state is established anon Muslim will also live with us if they wish.

In march, 1973 Lord Lugard    have frankly stated that Before you live under the Fulani empire and now you are under our empire and you must learn to abide by our rules. Also in Lokoja the colonialist burn the Islamic flag and was replaced with the so called National flag, and they even  urinate on the holy Qur’an (wa'iyazubillah) just to proof that the Islamic system is not in power now.

The west have study Muslims and categorized them in to three categories, Traditionalist, Moderates and extremist, and have created ways in other to make all the three categories useful to their mission of destabilizing Islam in one way or the other.

We are now in the time of Islamic uprising and it will surely succeed (insha Allah) its left for a person to choose to participate or just be a side watcher or even fight the uprising as it’s a promise whenever there is such an uprising people use to be in three parties; those who participate in the uprising who are just few, those who fight the uprising who are also few and the majority will be on the other part to see who will win and be with them. And its advisably regarded to be of the first party.

Sheikh Zakzaky later closed the gathering with prayer.