Islamic Movement in Nigeria Remembers September 1996 Martyrs In Zaria

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab

Members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, on Monday (19/09/20016) remembered martyrs killed by the despotic regime of late General Sani Abacha on September 13, 1996. The bloody Friday in September followed a demonstration over the arrest of Shaikh Zakzaky by Nigerian military. The commemorate held at Madarasatu Fudiyyah Zaria city, Malam Abdul Hamid Bello described the day as historic in the life span of the Movement that is worthy of remembrance.

Malam AbdulHamid Bello, who is also the Chairman  of Martyrs’ Foundation (Mu’assatu Shuhada’u) gave brief account of the security brutality, which led to the death of several members of the Movement and subsequent crackdown across the country.

He said, the unfortunate incident was meant to suppress and totally crush the Movement in its quest for justice and fair play, but what followed was victory on the side of the Movement and failure on the part of the government.

According to him, the regime failed in so many ways as in its plan to kill leader of the Movement, instill fear in the members and completely wipe out the remembrance of the Movement in the heart of the people. “Instead, Allah wiped out leader of the despotic regime. But here we are remembering our martyrs.” He added.

He therefore urged people to be steadfast in the way of Allah through sincere devotion. “That is our weapon with which we won many battles, triumphed over oppressors and remained unshaken throughout the period. Above all, we have an unmatched Leader on whose guidance we always turn to”.

Shaikh Abdullahi Zango open the program with prayers of exultation and bringing the end of the present despotic regime. Poets of the movement were among of the participant, were they sing to remembered the day.

Immediately, there was also a visit to the graveyard where the martyrs were buried. Thousands of people, men, women children and the aged staged a procession through the major street of the old Zaria city carrying pictures of the martyrs, reciting songs in praise of the martyrs. Meanwhile the protesters calling on the government to immediately and release Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky unconditionally.

At the graveyard, special prayers were offered for the martyrs with a call for special consideration on the dwelling place of the martyrs, as was being encouraged by Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello.

Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello urged people to always remember the martyrs in their prayers, and also expounded on the etiquettes of grave visitation.

Malam Badamasi Yaqoub said the closing prayer.