Islamic Movement Nigeria is not and can never be a terror group

Dr Dawud Nalado
The imperial powers have great interest in Nigeria because of its strategic position in Africa. They are using Terrorism as neocolonial tool to control and subjugate other nations. They brought hoax Boko Haram 1 in Northeast Nigeria. They now want another front to create Boko haram 2 in Northwest. Unfortunately they want to frame up the Shiites. They sponsor anonymous write ups such as one by Kolawole to prepare the minds of people on their evil intention. In their desperation they forgot that there is not a single terror organization linked to Shiites globally. Even Hizbullah is a recognized resistance army formed to keep Zionists off Lebanon. It has no record of any terror engagement except if fighting Zionist aggression is also labelled as terrorism.
IMN is an intellectual movement. It does not need arms. It aims to capture minds but not to destroy humanity. Their dream of pushing IMN to take up arms will never be realized. Hence they will never get grounds to designate the peaceful intellectual IMN as terror group. IMN is independent. Iran does not interfere into it's activities in Nigeria. The cordial brotherly rapport between IMN and Iran is natural because of similarity in Shiite ideology. Similarly rapport between Izala, Salaf in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia does not imply interference.
This sinister move to designate IMN as a terror group so as to get pretext to shed more Muslim blood and destabilize Nigeria will not succeed by the grace and mercy of our Almighty creator. We shall remain united and salvage this county from the claws of imperialism , Zionism and their official Islam, Wahhabism. It is on Allah we depend.