Islam is the Complete Way of Life. -Sayyid Mahdi Naaji

Imam Ridha (AS) birthday commemoration continues on Saturday 12th Zul-Qada 1435 (6/9/2014) at Husainiyya Baqiyatullah Zaria,

Sayyid Mahdi Naaji from the holy shrine of imam Ridha (AS) began his speech with promising the attendants that if he go back to the holy Shrine he will perform a two supererogatory prayers on their behalf, and forwarded with reminding them of the up coming Ghadeer event and it’s significant, the event in which the holy prophet appointed his successor in the presence of hundred of thousands pilgrims, then the holy prophet (SAWA) commanded that those that are presence should convey the message to the absentees, a father should tell his children.

In the other aspect of his speech Sayyid Mahdi Naaji says if truly we are Muslims then we should practice the religion anywhere, Islam is not for Husainiyya! Islam is not for Masjid! Islam is a total way of life. He furthermore lamented some of the worthiness of ziyarat with ma’arifa, and Ma’arifa as expressed by some of our imams is to understand the position of the imam, his position is that of the prophet, his knowledge is directly from Allah, he is the representative of Allah on earth, they are with their followers, we should belive that everything we do they are watching us, another important aspect of Ma’arifa is that we should obey their command, because their command is that of Allah (T) and to also visit their holy shrines. He added.

He also advice the attendees to know more about the sermon of Ghadeer, the sermon have so many parts, if some one may ask any of you the meaning of Shi’ah, just ask him to go and read the prophet’s sermon of Ghadeer, because it covered all the meaning of Shi’ah, he finally quoted some of the major parts of the sermon and prayed that May Allah protect us from the (Shaitanul Akbar) i.e America and Israel.

While commenting Sayyid Jawad Musavi also express his gratitude to Allah (T) who gave him the opportunity to visits his brothers and sisters, he also show his delightfulness to the movement, and finally recommends some important websites of the holy shrine of Imam Ridha (AS) among which is .

 The leader of the islamic movement Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) briefly gave the biography of Imam Ridha (AS) where he says Imam Ridha (AS) was born on Thursday 11th Zul-qaada 148AH in Madina, his mother’s name is Najmah (Ummul-walada), his father’s name is Imam Musa bn Ja’afar (AS), he was buried at Mash-had in the Islamic republic of Iran. Iran’s Islamic republic is as the result of having the shrine of Imam Ridha (AS) in their region and we prayed that with the advent of a flag from his Shrine in our region, Allah will also bless us with an Islamic republic. He concluded

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) also closed the gathering with a prayer.