By Daniel Mabsout

There is no doubt that this is a colonial attack on people that targets religion and this is one of the goals of the Arab Spring , to turn religion and culture and particularly Islam into something loathsome . All false versions of Islam have been promoted during this campaign launched by the west called Arab Spring ; whether it is the mild Islam that pacifies with Israel , or the Islam of Erdogan , or its par the Islam of the armed thugs of the opposition whom we saw acting in Libya or Syria .
This Islam : that of Erdogan and the armed thugs is the Islam of the CIA and Western Intelligence Services backed by Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries . This so called Islam – of course – waged by the west is not Islam at all, as the Islam practiced by the Saudis is NOT Islam . Islam never speaks about hoarding wealth or cooperating with the enemy or killing people . Religion any Religion is never about power or killing or usurping and assaulting. Religion is about understanding and establishing peace and justice . Religion is about devotion and God fearing . This killing and usurping and pacifying one’s enemies and siding with the predators is the absence of Religion and not Religion .
Imperialism has no religion and never had and using religion does not make one religious though it can fool some others. The imperialist is at a great disadvantage in confronting the natives . This disadvantage of the imperialist is that the natives are related to each other and to the environment in what we can call culture and religion ; they are in their own waters and this gives them strength . The imperialist cannot take away the culture and religion of the natives ; the natives must want to leave their culture and religion and the imperialist will work on separating the native from his culture and religion by all means . Imperialism has been doing this and succeeding to a great extent . Half of humanity became thus converted to Uncle Sam’s ways .
Though taming Islam was not something new to the World Order that has created Saudi Arabia for this purpose, Islam still presented some difficulties especially after the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran . Something went wrong and needed to be fixed. This attack on Islam was premeditated long ago . It sought to demonize Religion after the Western Establishment found it difficult to put up with the challenge that Islam has become , therefore Islam was to be exposed and targeted and divided on the ground of sectarian differences and the only Islam that will be allowed was the politicized and militarilized Islam , the Islam of al Qa’ida , the Islam that works hand in hand with imperialism and supports the secular rule of imperialism and defends imperialism .
Therefore the al Qua’ida and other fighting groups are not representative of Islam or speaking in the name of some religious group , they are rather the army of the imperialist secular forces of the World Order . They are the World Order, and it is not Islam that is attacking but it is Islam that is being attacked