Iranians rally in millions to mark Revolution victory

Millions of the Iranians take to the streets
nationwide to mark the 36th anniversary of the
Islamic revolution in 1979.
The capital Tehran and other cities and towns are
witnessing rallies in celebration of the victory that
put an end to the monarchical rule of the US-
backed Pahlavi regime.
Rouhani's nuclear speech
Addressing a massive gathering of people
celebrating the victory of the 1979 Islamic
Revolution in Tehran on Wednesday, Iranian
President Hassan Rouhani said:" We seek a win-win
agreement, according to which Iran would
[guarantee] the transparency of its peaceful nuclear
activities within the framework of international law
and [in return] the opposite side should put an end
to inhumane and illegal sanctions [against Iran].
This will benefit both sides,” Rouhani said.
He further dismissed claims by Western countries
that sanctions have forced Iran to sit at the
negotiating table.
“That you say Iran has come to the negotiating
table because of sanctions is a lie. Iran has not
come to the negotiating table due to the pressure of
sanctions, [but] on account of logic and to establish
peace and stability in the region and the world,”
Rouhani said. “If you say that sanctions have forced
Iran to negotiate, why don’t you keep imposing
sanctions [on Iran]? Stop telling lies and be honest
with your nations,” he said.
Rouhani said that the West has no option but to
interact with the Islamic Republic, stressing that
Iran is afraid of neither sanctions nor pressure.
He also said Iran wants a nuclear deal that ensures
the dignity and progress of the nation.
Rouhani on terrorism
The Iranian president also touched on the issue of
terrorism in the Middle East and said peace will not
be restored and terrorism will not be uprooted in
the region without engaging Iran.
Rouhani described the Islamic Republic as “the
power” that helped Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other
regional countries in their fight against terrorist
He also said these rallies indicate the reaffirmation
of the Iranian nation’s allegiance to the Islamic
Rouhani said that the Iranian nation wants
“constructive interaction” with the world, but
stressed that the Islamic Republic will continue to
protect its interests and remain committed to the
Revolution’s principles and ideals.
On the 22nd day of the month of Bahman on the
solar calendar year of 1357, Iranians put an end to
2,500 years of monarchical rule in the country.
The Islamic Revolution, under the leadership of
Imam Khomeini, established a new political system
based on Islamic values and democracy.
By attending the rallies on Wednesday, the Iranians
reaffirm their allegiance to the causes of the Islamic
Revolution and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the late
founder of the Islamic Republic.