Iranians Mark 1979 Revolution Victory

ABNA . Today, Tuesday, the Iran witnessed nationwide demonstrations in celebration of the victory that put an end to the monarchical rule of the US-backed Pahlavi regime. By attending the rallies, the demonstrators reaffirmed their allegiance to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic. The day, the 22nd of the month of Bahman on the solar calendar, coincides with a definitive end to the rule of the monarchical Pahlavi regime and thus an end to the 2,500 years of monarchical rule in the country. The Islamic Revolution, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, established a new political system based on Islamic values and democracy. Fireworks and colorful illuminations brightened the nights of many Iranian cities on the eve of the demonstrations. The demonstrations were also joined by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is scheduled to deliver a speech on the occasion, as well as Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The event is the culmination of 10 days of celebrations which starts on February 1. Similarly, on the occasion of 35th anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory in Iran, a ceremony was held at the United Nations in New York on Monday. Ambassadors and diplomats from European, African, Asian and Latin American countries as well as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President of the UN General Assembly John W. Ashe were present at the ceremony. Iran’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations Mohammad Khazaei and his deputy Gholam Hossein Dehqani welcomed the guests. The participants felicitated anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory to Iran’s nation. Among the guests were representatives of different world media stationed at the UN as well as some well-known American journalists. Ban Ki-moon, on the sidelines of the ceremony, told IRNA he was pleased to felicitate victory of Islamic Revolution and Iran’s National Day to Iranian nation and hopes to be witness to progress and development of this great nation. John W. Ashe also felicitated Iran’s National Day to Iran’s nation and expressed hope that Iran, like the past, plays its important and historical role in the region and the world.