Intidharul Faraj by Mal. Muh’d Kabir Alkanawi

The night session of the ongoing Joint Sisters and Academic conference 2013 in Katsina State Nigeria was held at Markaz. The programme started at around 8:55pm with a lecture present by Mal. Muh’d Kabir Alkanawi and a chair person Malama Hassana on a topic “Intidharul Faraj (awaiting of reappearance of Imam Mahdi) what we required for ourselves. The lecture elapses for 1hr 20minutes with many talking point that were sited by the lecturer Alkanawi. He mentioned that 'Intidharul Faraj' is the greatest way to serve Allah as mentioned in Hadith. We are required to get the following as what we supposed to have cup of with: self-purification, ask forgiveness about our sins, applying what we have learned in practice, sacrifice of good deeds to Imam, stop telling lies, highlighting people about who is Imam Mahdi (a.j), reminding people about reappearance of the awaited savior Imam Mahdi, reciting Du’a nudbah every Friday and ziyarat and prayer for hasten his reappearance just to mention but a few. He added that the above qualities will help us to be among the helpers or real followers of Imam Mahdi (a.j). Mal. Alkanawi finally conclude his lecture with a prayer and the lecture was closed 10:18pm.