Insulting the Prophet Muhammad is an Announcement of War Against all Muslims

During of his Ba’th al-Kharij (advanced
class) at Qom’s Masjid al-A’dham (Grand Mosque),
Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi
condemned the recent terrorist attacks in France.
In response to the recent terrorist attacks in
France, Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi stated that
Islam condemns all terrorist attacks against all
people, both friends and foes.
In regard to the reaction of Europeans to this
incident, he stated that their first reaction was to
hold a rally which was attended by the leaders of
forty countries. But in reality, their march was
meant to frighten Europeans and will only have a
temporary effect.
His Eminence explained that another reaction in the
West against the terrorist attacks in France is to
attack Muslims, especially the Shi’ah.
“Unfortunately, the actions of ISIL are generalized
as being [supported by all] Muslims, when [many]
Muslim scholars have confirmed that ISIL is not
following Islam,” he explained.
He emphasized that multiple conferences have been
held throughout the Muslim world which have
condemned Takfirism, noting those held in Qom,
Egypt and Syria. “These conferences have shown
that ISIL is not following Islam. So why have these
Europeans generalized ISIL as being representative
of all Muslims and have provoked Muslims against
them? Is it wise to generalize all Muslims? If you
must condemn terrorists then why are you troubling
Regarding the offensive cartoons of Islam’s beloved
Prophet Muhammad published in the satirical
magazine Charlie Hebdo, Ayatollah Makarem-
Shirazi stated that Charlie Hebdo has announced
that due to the terrorist attack against them, they
will publish more copies of their magazine. His
Eminence wondered if this was a wise move.
“Insulting the Noble Prophet Muhammad is an
announcement of war against all Muslims. You were
attacked by ISIL. Is seeking revenge against all
Muslims a wise move? You should think about it!”
the revered Shi’ite source of emulation said,
addressing Europeans.
Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi blasted European
governments for their support of ISIL in Iraq and
also emphasised that their actions create terrorism,
and the roots of terrorism need to be eliminated.
“These events should be a lesson for the European
leaders. Hasty decisions and holding marches will
not solve this problem,” he explained.
The renowned scholar stated that insulting the holy
personalities of other religions is a disgusting action
and those who engage in these types of actions
think that they are supporting Muslims, but in fact,
they are turning Muslims against them.