The Incompetent Major General; A disgrace to his Nation; A Bloody Liar!!!

By U.S Adam

You are named Yusuf Tukur Burutai by your Family, you are given a title of a Major General in the Nigerian army and you are appointed as the Chief Of Army Staff by the Nigerian government, its not surprising how you throw away all of these responsible identities and show the world your real identity, you show the world that you are a killer! You are a 100% Puppet of Israel! You only serve and fulfil the Israeli devilish agendas not Nigeria your Father Land. You are a big disgrace to your family, a big shame of the Nation, you are totally an incompetent soldier! You are a shame to military of the world in general and Nigeria in particular!! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BLOODY LIAR!!!

How many lies did you tell the world since your carnage on the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, and how many lies do you think the world will agree with you on it? Lies have become your identity that's why you don't even feel ashamed of making such bloody lies in public. You think that you are fooling the world with your lies, you are only fooling yourself and exposing your actual identity to the world. I know many of the Nigerian army are ashamed of having you as their major general because you always acted against humanity and also against their will, we will wait for the day the peace loving Nigerian army that are not happy with your Israeli agendas those that have the human feelings will act against you and your colonial masters.

I will only talk on your recent lies, the one you submitted to the NHRC on Tuesday 20/1/2016 Which you presented as army's petition to the investigation panel where you said that you only killed 7 members of the Shi'ites in Zaria and injured 10 of them.
I have the following questions on this regard;

1. You called it a Shi'ites/army's clash which means a hostile encounter, but you forget to tell the number of the military that were killed or injured by the members of the Islamic movement.
You only kill the peaceful members of an unarmed movement innocently. We didn't kill a single of your soldiers.
Its not a clash but rather a MASSACRE!

2. You said that the members of the Islamic movement have attempted to assassinate you in Zaria on 12th December 2015. On the day you appeared before the panel you meet the peaceful members of the Islamic movement protesting peacefully for the release of our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) at the National Human Right Commission Abuja, why did they allowed you without an attempt of killing you again now that you have thousands of their members and still detaining their leader illegally.
If they have attempted to assassinate you before in Zaria without any reason, they must have make another attempt to assassinate you now because of you have done to them.
They never attempted to assassinate you, neither in Zaria nor in Abuja.
You are just a bloody LIAR SIR!

3. You also accused the members of the movement of road blockage during their programs. How did you manage to pass through their protest in Abuja on Tuesday 20/1/2016???
They allow a free traffic flows during their programs.
Another Salute to a Major General LIAR!!!

4. You didn't tell the panel that you demolished our Husainiya Baqiyatullah Zaria, Fudiyya Islamic Centre Zaria, the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) in Zaria, A burriel ground for our martyrs that are been killed innocently by you and your partners in crime, A film village were we shot documentary movie on the renowned Revolutionary Shehu Uthman Bn Fodiye, you didn't tell them that you also demolished a place where the mother of Sheikh Zakzaky (H) is been laid to rest after her death.
You forget to tell them about all these carnages. Why?
Because you only make bloody lies, and you forcefully close your eyes on truth and it signs.

5. You also didn't tell them that you are still detaining hundreds of the members of the movement including the leader of the movement and his wife innocently.

6. You didn't tell them that you Killed Hammad Ibraheem Zakzaky, Ali Ibraheem Zakzaky and Humaid Ibraheem Zakzaky. The biological sons of Sheikh Zakzaky (H).

7. You killed thousands at Husainiya Baqiyatullah Zaria, thousands at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), Hundreds at the martyr's cemetery (Darul Rahma), Hundreds at your illegal check points in their buses, and hundreds in the city of Zaria. You kill them all! They are all innocent! You only killed them at your will. And you are saying that you only killed 7 of the members of the movement.
We now understand that;1000+1000+1000+1000=7 according to the incompetent major general burutai's mathematics.

8. You didn't tell them that you shot Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky 6 times before arresting him, you also shot his wife and you are still detaining them illegally.

You didn't tell them anything but the lies you are good in telling.
You think you can cover your atrocities with lies!
Never! Lies can never withstand the Truth!

Finally, we have heard enough of your lies! Let the truth speaks, Free Sheikh Zakzaky now if you are not afraid! Free the man of truth, peace and Justice! You are nothing but a bloody liar, a mere coward who think can hide his crimes with lies upon lies! You are a war Criminal, An incompetent Major General!

#FreeSheikhZakzaky #GodProtectZakzaky