The IMN's Pen vs the hired Pen of the Nigerian Military

By U. S. Adam

When I saw a piece written by one Onoja, I laughed and laughed again, but at least I now know that the Nigerian Army begin to know the value of a pen, which they lack, but decided to sponsor some stooges to write for them because they only know how to use guns to kill innocent lives. Their braveness begins on armless men and ends on women and children, they can't confront a common gang of Arm robbers, in so many robbery attacks that happened in Nigeria, my fellow citizens only see the arrival of the Army officers after the robbery have taken place.

Pen itself needs some qualities in order to make an impact, some of which includes truth, intellectualism, professionalism, proves and evidences. But it is unfortunate that even the hired pen lack all these qualities.
IMN has been built on divine wisdom, knowledge, conviction and good counsel. And was blessed with so many intellectuals who uses facts and communicate with the people of a good heart and a sound minds of reasoning regardless of their beliefs, race and tribes.

While the Nigerian Army on the other hand are trained zombies and hoodlums, most of them don't know how to reason in a rational manner, lack good educational background as they are the ones that normally fail their exams while in school.
Any well meaning Nigerian can never accept that IMN have any link with the so called Boko Haram, because IMN have nothing to share in common with Boko Haram.
But the Nigerian Army have a lot to share with them for example, Boko Haram kills innocent lives likewise the Nigerian Army, Boko Haram abducted #ChibokGirls and Nigerian Army abducted #OurZariaGirls. Boko Haram don't act according to teachings of any religion and the same thing with my Nigerian Army. Both are terrorist with different identities. How can you expect the Nigerian Army to rescue the abducted Chibok girls from their friends in crime while they also abducted 50 girls in Zaria? How do you expect them to finish with Boko Haram while they have the same masters?

Qualitative and countless Rejoinders are coming up to silence your sponsored Pen.

For every single arrogant piece you sponsored, IMN have 100s sounds and independent pieces built with facts and sound reasoning!

You can't silence our Pen not even your borrowed pen, when ever you speak you will expose your arrogance to the whole world!

IMN remains untouchable! IMN pens will be victorious upon your Guns!
Your Hired pens can never withstand the intellectual pens of IMN!

#BringBackOurZariaGirls now and Alive!
#Free_Sheikh_Zakzaky Now and Alive!