Imam's Khomeini Week 2017 Held in Potiskum by AFIM

Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Potiskum chapter, continued the third day activities of the Imam Khomeini's (Q.S) week. A grand lecture on the Revolution of Imam Khomeini is organized by the Forum, at Fudiyyah, Potiskum on 3rd-June-2017.

Malam Haruna Adnan F.C.E Potiskum, was the guest speaker, he took about Life History of Imam Khomeini (Q.S), Dr. Ibraheem Bomoi delivered the second lecture on the Islamic Revolution of Iran and its Impact in the World. While the Closing Lecture was given by Malam Ibraheem Lawan.

By Shamsuddeen Idris Yakub