Imam Khomeini's Week Closing Ceremony 2015

Today 4th June 2015, Imam Khomaini's week commemoration that was organized by members of Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria AFIMN has been concluded with a lecture presented by Malama Zeenat Ibraheem, titled: Leadership and Followership, among other events at the program that began last week from different part of the country (local chapters).
Malama Zeenat gave a platform of her speech with history of different Movements and Awakening globally, like; History of Umar Muktar, Hasanul Banna Sayyid Kutub, Shehu Uthman Bn Fodiye and the revolution held at the Islamic republic of Iran led by Imam Khomaini (Q),among other history.
She also shed more light on the life of Imam Ruhullah Khomain QS and his struggles towards Islamic revolution and how his followers submit to him and the hypocrites he encountered in His Movement. ''we are commemorating because He is our role model and the spiritual leader to Sayyid Ibraheem zakzaky H''. Malama emphasised.
Lastly she call on people to imitate the good followers of Imam Khomain QS,