Imam Husain Sacrifice His Blood to Save Islam and Mankind

Today 24/12/2013, millions of members of Islamic movement in  Nigeria from different part of the country, that include; Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Jos, Sokoto, Niger, Lagos among others and nebouring countries that joined their closer cities to take part in the symbolic trek to Husainiyya Baqiyyatulla zaria. Lepers, Christians and non-shia Muslims are among the trekkers. The event at Husainiyya comprises of; Drama presentation, condolence poems and Arba’een lecture by Maulana Shiekh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) express his condolence to every one present, the Apostle of Allah, Ameerul Mumineen Aliyu bn Abitalib As, Sayyah Fatimatu bintu Muhammad SA, Imam Hassan Almijitaba AS, the entire household of the Apostle of Allah and all Muraji’un (Ulamas) for the tragedy of Karbala(the martyrdom of Imam Husain AS), He also discussed about the sacrifice of prophet Ibraheem AS to slaughter Ismail AS, the sacrifice of Isah AS (Jesus) and that of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and how the Arabs try to distry the prophecy and wanted to kill the messenger of Allah (T).

Ashura: imam Husain  AS used the greatest weapon (sacrifice) to save the religion of his Grand Father which let Him defeat the enemies of Allah whom used the wrong weapons for the battle, He sacrificed His blood to save the entire mankind which make His followers brag or proud. The sacrifice of Maulana Husain A.S. that we stand on let the Israeli’s down because the followers of Husain AS defeated them woefully and freak them in all the time and that is what is happening in Syria now, they are the followers of Imam Husain AS, Thus they (Syrians) where able to defeat there enemies.

People thought their head is important to them, thus cannot sacrifice it but they forgot that Imam Husain AS head is more precious to theirs, Imam Husain’s sacrifice revive Islam (Islamic revolution) because right from the martyrdom of Imam Husain As Ashura and Arba’een became annual program all over the globe and keep on duplicating annually.

As for us in this country, we wish we are closer to Karbala, but we take a symbolic trek to our Husainiyya  Zaria alongside with some Christians. In His conclusion, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) gave the  history of some  Christians like Wahab and his family that were also martyred at the battle of Karbala.

We appreciate Allah because this year’s Arba’een have doubled last year’s and we expect more next year insha Allah.

Zuhurainy obligatory, Ziyarat ( Arba’een) where also observed=