Imam Hassan (AS) One of the Most Oppressed Personality in History: Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

History records difficulties faced by Imam Hassan and untold oppression against him, Imam Hassan suffered oppression during his life days, during his burial ceremony and even in history books after his Martyrdom. After Imam Ali (AS) Imam Hassan is the most valuable personality in the line of succession of Imamate, Imam Hassan suffers various mischief in the process of so-called arbitration with Mu'awiyyah, The Mu'awiyyah's faction break the fact made on the arbitration which leads to his martyrdom, Sheikh Zakzaky revealed how Ja'adah wife of Imam Hassan treacherously feeds him poison on the instruction of Mu'awiyyah. Some people attacked his funeral procession, in a bid to prevent his burial next to his grandfather the messenger of Allah (S), they shot his coffin with not less than seventy arrows. And after all these oppression Imam Hassan have to endure another oppression this time around in books of history, how distorted and slanderous views were attributed to his life, the arbitration and his position as heir of Prophet (S). Sheikh Zakzaky lament how Imam Hassan (AS) was slandered as someone who enjoys marrying and divorcing women, which Sheikh Zakzaky describes as great injustice to the personality of Imam Hassan (AS). And also on the issue of arbitration, books are full of praise for Mu'awiyyah, while actually Imam Hassan deserved all the credit of arbitration, because he is the owner of rights not Mu'awiyyah.

Excerpt from the speech of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on commemoration of Martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS) last year at Husainiyyah Baqiyatullah Zaria, rendered to English by Baqeer Gashua.