Imam Hasan AS Martyrdom Mouring in zaria

Today 10/12/2013, Islamic movement in Nigeria have condoled the martyrdom of Imam Hassan Almujitaba AS, at Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, Sokoto Road Zaria Kaduna. The program started at about 5:00pm with condolence poems and a lecture by Sheikh Zakzaky (H).

‘’ I don’t actually know where to start giving information about imam Hassan Almujtaba AS merits from, because they have similar habits with his Brother Imam Husain AS not even talking about his personal merits’’ sheikh Zakzaky (H) began. Imam Husain AS was martyared on 7th safar by Jahada bintu Ash’as Alkindy whom her brother aid in martyrdom of Imam Husain As and her Father Ash’as Alkindi help in the martyardom of Ameerul Mu’uminin Alyu Bn Abutalib As, with a poison received from the Roman empire, When Imam Hasan As realize that He was poisoned by His wife, He called on His Brother Imam Husain AS to bury Him at Baqiy (burial ground at Madina) near His Grand Father the Apostle of Allah, He warned not to fight if His order is violated.   

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) shed more light on the good spiritual deeds, as a person that worship in higher degree like; He recited Holy Qur’an completely twice a day during the month of Ramadan and also track and perform Hajj pilgrimage 25 time in His life time among others also after the martyrdom of Imam Ali As most of Imam Husan As companions followed Muawiyya in a secrete way.

In conclusion, Ziyarat of Hazarat Imam Hasan As, Dua’u Tawassul was said by  sheikh Zakzaky (H)