Imam Ali (A.S)'s Life is Worthy a Role Model for us

The grand finale of the annual Imam Aliy (AS) mauluds that was undertaken by the youth forum of the IMN in Kano, Nigeria was marked on Sunday 3rd Sha’aban 1438 (30/4/2017) at Markaz Kofar Waika, Kano with Mal Badamasi Ya’quob, Professor Dahiru Yahya and Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki as guest speakers. Mal Bashir Dan Dago, Mal Mustapha Limanci and Mal Uzairu Badamasi were amongst the few poet that electrify the atmosphere with beautiful songs of our Noble Prophet (SAWA), Imam Aliy (AS), Sayyida Fatimatul Zahra (AS), Ahlul Bait (AS) and His Pious servants. Mal Badamasi and Prof Dahiru in their speeches at the occasion drew lessons worthy of emulation of the life of Imam Aliy (AS) adoring on us to emulate his life worthy or emulation. In their speeches they drew various lessons from the activities and role played by Shaikh Zakzaky (H) in calling on us to come back to Al-Islam. Mal Badamasi enjoyed youths to remain steadfast along the path of Allah and engaged in all activities that gat one closer to Allah (T). Mal Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki in his speech enjoyed youths to see to getting on the very footpath Imam Aliy (AS) has stood and follow in this religion that we have heard, read in this religion and will emulate. Likewise, Mal Sunusi drew lessons from the life of Imam Aliy (AS) on his leader in which he has vowed and stood by his leader even if it will lead to his dead against all oppressors and oppression. If we do agree Shaikh Zakzaky (H) is our leader would we remain mute and fold our arms against any form of oppression or oppressors? In the Maulud competition held in various categories, Mal Badamasi Ya’aquob, Prof Dahiru Yahya and Dr Nura Azare handed prizes to winners with the overall champions being Kofar Waika and Gwarzo zone. The second were Naibawa and Kura zone and third Kura and Tudun Wada zone. After the prizes distribution Mal Badamasi gave a closing prayer.

Muhammad Isa Ahmad.