Imam of Abuja National Mosque Defends Maulud Celebration

Chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque, Ustaz Musa Muhammad says, “There is none like our Prophet, our love for him can never be gauged in whatever form, and therefore celebrating his birthday is an
expression of our deep rooted love and respect
for him”.
He made the statement at the Annual Maulud
celebration organized by Resource Forum of
the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, held at the
conference hall of Abuja National Mosque.
He said, the Holy Prophet was reported to
have remembered his birthday during his life
time, adding that “celebrating the birthday of
our Noble Prophet is therefore Sunnah for any
Muslim who has the true love of Prophet
Muhammad at heart”.
The Chief Imam further said, other people
oppose Maulud celebration on the basis that
male and female are being mixed in one place,
arguing that, “we come together to celebrate
Maulud as a form of religious duty and
obligation, and not just for the sake of merry-
making. Why should we then exclude women
from this great reward?”
Ustaz Musa Muhammad said, during Maulud
celebration Muslims acquire additional
knowledge on the life and time of the Holy
Prophet and his exemplary character from
different source, that we one cannot acquire in
study session in a short period. “Maulud is a
school for us”.
Expounding on the personality of the Holy
Prophet as the Pinnacle of Creation, Ustaz
Musa Muhammad said, “Prophet
Muhammad existed before existence, none
supersedes his being before Allah. It is
therefore obligatory for us celebrate the
birth of this great personality that never
was, as did all the celestial beings”.